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HKC 55 EB-Set-FSK420 (201374)
Enjoy the flexibility of a cordless saw with the unmatched precision of a Festool HK series carpentry saw with the HKC 55 EB. A 5.2 Ah battery and EC-TEC brushless motors ensure quick and clean cuts, avoiding having to take materials to a miter saw. Paired with the FSK Guide Rails, accurate and repeatable cuts are possible anywhere, in one easy step, and the saw is also compatible with all existing FS Guide Rails, lending extra flexibility. Don’t sacrifice quality with a standard circular saw and instead enjoy the ultimate performance of the HKC 55 EB.
  • 2x BP 18 Li 5.2 AS battery pack
  • SCA 8 rapid charger
  • HW standard saw blade W18
  • guide rail FSK 420
  • wrench
Price: $770.00
SKU: 201374