Domino Joiner DF 700 EQ-Plus Return to Festool

Never let your material’s location or size limit you again. Instead of devoting large amounts of floor space to stationary machines and having to bring oversized panels into a tight space, the Festool Domino XL allows for the unmatched flexibility and accuracy of the original DF 500, while having new maximum tenon size of 5 ½” long. Create durable joints when building beds, tables, slabs, doors, and gates, while enjoying the precision of placement that you expect from Festool’s engineering. 
  • DOMINO DF 700 XL 15/32" (12mm) cutter
  • support bracket
  • 2x dowel box
  • wrench
*Does not include the optional trim and cross stop* (see instead: DF 700 EQ-Set)
Price: $1,400.00
SKU: 574422