ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus Return to Festool

ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus (571916)
For unmatched quality and performance, there is nothing like a Festool sander. Make your job more comfortable with ergonomic design, vibration-stop balancing, and soft-start. For light or intermediate sanding, the ETS 150/5 has a 3/16” (5.0 mm) stroke and Jetstream dust extraction to keep your workspace cleaner and prolong abrasive life. Use one or two hands, made simple with the rubberized top grip and constant speed under load.
  • StickFix Super Soft Sander Backing Pad, D150
  • filter cartridge
  • wrench
StickFix fast and easy abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing, leading to longer abrasive and pad life. For coarse and intermediate sanding
Price: $360.00
SKU: 571916