Inspiring a Younger Generation

November 16, 2017

Inspiring an interest to create with wood in younger generations — for pleasure and as a professional endeavor — is top-of-mind at Sears Trostel. One way to encourage this interest is through school tours of our Airpark Dr. and Riverside Ave. locations. 

A regular visitor recently brought his students for an annual tour to learn about our processes and to choose wood for their semester projects. Teacher Chris Cooper, and his Woods 5 class from Burns High School in Burns, WY, came for an education in how a professional millwork facility operates and to better understand the woodworking industry as a whole. 

The first stop was the Airpark Millwork Facility, where Operations Manager Carl Herrmann showed the students how inventory is managed and equipment is used to safely stack materials and maximize space, and toured the production floor to see our precision saws and moulders in use. 

The next stop was the Riverside Showroom and Lumberyard, where General Manager Curt Viehmeyer explained the workings of the Custom Shop and the variety of projects that are done for customers. 

From there, a tour of the lumberyard and Live-Edge Wood Slab Showroom concluded with a SawStop table saw demonstration. While the students use a SawStop in their school’s woodshop, many of them had not witnessed the saw’s safety feature in action. Store Manager Chet Nance used a hot dog to demonstrate that when the blade comes into contact with flesh, the saw’s braking mechanism immediately stops and retracts the blade into the machine to prevent injury. An amazing thing to witness!

Our tours are a way of expanding opportunity options for young adults entering the workforce, and encouraging a change in perception, where skilled trades are a sustainable and fulfiling career option. 


Curt Viehmeyer (left) stands with Chris Cooper and student Corel Billingsley, along with a cutting board Corel made in his Woods 5 class. He is donating the board to the Sears Trostel 12th Annual Bread ’N’ Boards event on Saturday, December 2, for the Signature Board Silent Auction. Come place your bid!

Hardwood Harvest Sale! October 30 - November 11

October 29, 2017

Our largest lumber sale event of the year! 

Whether you're a home DIYer, residential or commercial contractor, a furniture craftsperson, or a woodworker creating holiday gifts from the heart, the Hardwood Harvest Sale is the perfect time to stock-up on top-quality hardwoods, exotic woods and specialty lumber.*

Save on over 50 hardwood lumber varieties ranging from 10% off...up to 50% off on overstock and close-out inventory.

Domestic woods included in the sale are AlderCherryBirchMapleRed and White OakWalnut and more.
Exotic woods come in a variety of colors and grains and can add a unique beauty to any project.
Save 10% on select exotic woods including:
  • Padauk 
  • Zebrawood
  • Leopardwood
  • Purpleheart
  • Bubinga
  • Yellowheart  

Save 10% on all random width/random length rough hardwood lumber during the sale. Plus take an additional 10% off the selected lumber below:

7/4 Red Oak — 50% off + 10% off

FAS, S2S, No.1, 11/16”, 7’ length

5/4 Eastern White Pine — 30% off + 10% off
Furniture Grade, 6” Wide, S2S, No. 1, 3/16”

4/4 Birch — 15% off + 10% off
Sel&Btr, S2S, 15/16”, 7-8’ lengths

4/4 Birch — 15% off + 10% off
Sel&Btr, S2S, 15/16”, 9-10’ lengths

5/4 Hard Maple — 15% off + 10% off
Sel&Btr, S2S, No.1, 3/16”, 1&2 White, 7-8’ lengths

5/4 White Oak — 15% off + 10% off
Rift Sawn, Sel&Btr, S2S, No.1, 3/16”

4/4 Cherry — 10% off + 10% off
Rustic, S2S, 15/16”

4/4 Cherry — 10% off + 10% off
Rustic, 7" wide, S2S, 15/16”

5/4 Cherry — 10% off + 10% off
Sel&Btr, S2S, No.1, 3/16”

5/4 Cherry — 10% off + 10% off
Rustic, S2S, No.1, 3/16”

4/4 Hard Maple — 10% off + 10% off
Sel&Btr, S2S, 15/16”, 1&2 White

6/4 White Oak — 10% off + 10% off
Rift Sawn, Sel&Btr, S2S, No. 1, 1/2”

Special Buys while supplies last!  Save 10%

4/4 Hickory 
Rustic, 7-8" Wide, S2S, 15/16”

4/4 Hard Maple 
Sel&Btr, 10" Wide, S2S, 15/16”, 1&2 White

4/4 Sapele  
Qrtd, Sel&Btr, RGH

4/4 White Oak 
Qtr Sawn, Sel&Btr, 6-7" wide, S2S, 15/16”

At Sears Trostel we have the wood to bring great ideas to life. And if you're not sure WHAT you need — or HOW to make your project come alive — our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you figure it out.

Visit our Riverside store from October 30 to November 11 to SAVE during our largest lumber sale of the year!

Sale Hours:
Monday - Friday  7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturdays  8:30 am to 4:00 pm

* Sale on in-stock inventory only. Sale ends November 11, 2017

Join us for Fall Demo Day on November 2!

October 23, 2017

Get the lowdown on the LATEST TOOLS and accessories from our favorite brands at this fun and informative event. Enter to WIN great prizes, take advantage of Demo Day SPECIALS, and have lunch on us!  Thursday, November 2, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
See demonstrations of a variety of tools, including a few NEW ones we're excited about:

Festool ETSC 125 Random Orbit Cordless Sander
 — Get the best of both worlds with this cordless-corded hybrid sander. It has the capacity to remove extensive material with excellent endurance. Light-weight and optimum center of gravity guarantee comfortable cordless work. And if you want continuous electrical operation, you can plug it in!
Festool STL 450 Inspection Light — Never miss another flaw or defect with STL 450 inspection light. It illuminates surfaces to clearly show flaws and defects so you can perfect your work.
Festool Planex Easy Sander — The lightest long-reach sander with direct drive on the market. Easy handling makes sanding quick and trouble-free, and the low weight enables you to work for sustained periods.
We’ll have the always amazing hotdog-vs-SawStop demonstrations, and you’ll be able to talk with the reps from FestoolFEINKregBlum and Bessey Tools, try-out their products and have your questions answered.

Register on Demo Day to WIN over $700 worth of prizes:
(You do not need to be present to win)
  • Kreg K5 Show pack ($199.00 value)— Includes a Super Kit, System Organizer, Screw Kit, Right Angle Clamp w/Automaxx, Cabinetmaking Booklet, and Screw Selector Wheel
  • Kreg Kitchen Makeover Kit ($99.00 value) — Includes a Cabinet Hardware Jig, Concealed Hinge Jig, Drawer Slide Jig, Shelf Pin Jig, Crown-Pro, Multi-Mark, and Cabinetmaking Booklet
  • Festool Guide Rail Cover ($104.00 value)
  • (2) Festool Long Sleeve T-Shirts ($25 value ea.)
  • Lignomat Moisture Meter ($119.00 retail value)
  • Portamate Lumber Rack ($59.98 value)
  • Nebo Big Larry Pro Light ($34.99 value)
  • Nebo Lantern Light - grey ($16.99 value)
  • Nebo Smart Knife ($14.99 value)
  • Titebond Pro Jug Titebond II Premium Wood Glue — 2.15 gallon ($46.95 value) 

Check back soon for the Demo Day specials.

Lunch is served from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Enjoy BBQ and beverages on us.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Demo Day!

Reclaimed Wyoming Snow Fence Boards

October 17, 2017

As your local connection for Reclaimed Products, Sears Trostel is the place to find lumber, beams and other pieces collected from time-worn structures. Reclaimed elements lend a sense of warmth, character and history to interior and exterior projects ranging from traditional to modern styles.

And now, Sears Trostel is the exclusive distributor of Reclaimed Wyoming Snow Fence Boards in Colorado.  

Untreated and not exposed to lead paint or VOCs, as well as being highly durable, make snow fence wood an excellent choice for use on interior walls and ceilings, commercial installations, furniture, exterior siding, and more. The natural patina is rich in texture and eliminates the need for staining.

Aged and cured by years in the sun, wind, rain and snow, the boards are insect-free without kiln-drying.

In stock the week of October 30th at our Riverside location:
  • Rough 1x6 boards — de-nailed with two beautifully-varied sides of color 
  • Thin 1/4” resawn boards — smooth-backed for easy installation on walls using nails or glue

Special orders of rough and thin resawn boards, and custom orders of tongue & groove, shiplap and bevel lap are available now.

Reclaimed wood is a popular sustainable trend in interior design and architecture, and snow fence wood is perfect for commercial projects seeking LEED certification. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) andlisted under the 100% Recycled Content classification.

Come to Sears Trostel for a large variety of Reclaimed Products. 

Lumber, beams, mantels, live-edge wood slabs, sinker cypress, gray timber, beetle kill pine, and corrugated tin. 

Learn more about our reclaimed products and creative ways to use them.

Woodworkers: Get creative and help a great cause!

October 11, 2017

Since 2005, the Sears Trostel Bread ’N’ Boards fundraiser has raised $260,123 for the Food Bank for Larimer County. And wecould not have done it without the beautiful works of our local woodworking community.

As we prepare for the 12th Annual Bread ’N’ Boards event on Saturday, December 2, we once again look to our woodworking friends to show their stuff!

The Signature Boards Silent Auction plays a big part in the success of the event, where over 1000 cutting boards are sold to benefit the Food Bank. Woodworking artisans donate their time and creativity in creating one-of-a-kind, custom hardwood cutting boards for the auction, that can bring in contributions from $35 to $400 each. ALL proceeds go to the Food Bank.
Help us fill the silent auction coffers for this year’s fundraiser. GET INSPIRED and donate a board to the cause! 

Create a wooden masterpiece (or more than one!) to help provide inspiration for culinary delights in the kitchens of the lucky recipients. Woodworkers from novice to professional are encouraged to participate.

Signature Board donors receive a Bread ’N’ Boards t-shirt, and those who wish to promote their professional talents may display brochures and business cards at the event.

Please let us know you're on-board to donate a Signature Board.  Email Jet Manalo at or call him at the Riverside store, 970-482-1928. Completed boards for the auction are due by Thursday, November 30.

The Food Bank for Larimer County provides food for children, seniors, single moms, chronically ill and struggling families in our community. With the support of Food Bank employees and thousands of volunteers, the Food Bank has distributed enough food for 7.72 million meals this year. Established in 1984, it is the only Feeding America clearinghouse for donated food in Larimer County. Feeding America is the nation’s largest food bank and food rescue network.

Thank you for your help in feeding the hungry in our community!