The Sears Trostel 15th Annual Woodworking Show, Sale and Competition — February 15-17, 2018

January 17, 2018

At Sears Trostel we love celebrating creativity — especially when expressed with wood!

For the 15th year, we’re giving our fellow woodworkers a chance to show-off their creative talents during the Sears Trostel Annual Woodworking Show, Sale and Competition.

Local artisans exhibit recent woodworking projects, compete for prizes, and have an opportunity to sell their pieces. Stop by the show to see a beautiful variety of original works — and maybe even take something home, too.

Each year we are awed by the furniture, turnings, carvings, novelty items, boxes, sculpture, and works with marquetry and intarsia that are entered into the show.

>> Check out last year's show entries

Show Hours:
  • Thursday, February 15 — 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday, February 16 — 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday, February 17 — 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Enter your project in the show!

Whether you consider yourself a novice or a seasoned professional, this is a chance to share your talents.  Whatever the creative spirit inspires you to craft with wood, we want to see it!

Registrations are due by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, February 14. Entered pieces must be at our Riverside store by no later than 9 a.m. on February 15.

>> Download the Registration Form and find the registration details here

Email your registration form to Liz Carter at, or drop it off at our Riverside location.

OR complete the ONLINE Registration Form BELOW.
Prizes for Best of Show and 2nd through 6th place are awarded:
  • Best of Show — $100 Sears Trostel gift card
  • 2nd Place — $50 Sears Trostel gift card
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Places — $25 Sears Trostel gift card

 See you at the show!


Special Offer - Redwood Burls

Free Deliver on Redwood Slabs over $500 - See for details

By Russ Bunce - January 11, 2018

Special Offer
Free Delivery To:
Denver County, Boulder County, Jefferson County, Douglas County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Weld County and Larimer County

On All In-Stock Redwood Burls Priced Over $500

Call 970-482-1928 or email for details or to place your order.  This is a limited time special offer set to expire on Jan 31st, 2018 and is only available with in-stock Redwood Burl Slabs over $500. 

Bread 'N' Boards 2017 THANK YOU

January 9, 2018

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 12th Annual Bread 'N' Boards event on December 2. You made it another incredible year!

With a handful of boards still available to purchase at the Food Bank for Larimer County, our near-final tally has reached $35,512, surpassing last year’s donations of $35,355. That’s a lot of ‘dough’ to help feed the hungry in our community, and will provide over 175,000 meals! Since 2005, Bread 'N' Boards has raised $295,635 for the Food Bank.
A huge THANKS to our steadfast sponsors! Fort Collins Great Harvest Bread Co. contributed the yummy bread samples AND the certificates for free bread that went home with every board. New Belgium Brewery created and donated the fun T-Towels available for purchase at the event.

Many thanks to everyone who donated one or more of the 57 Signature Boards for the Signature Board Silent Auction. Your caring and craftsmanship are invaluable gifts that make Bread ’N’ Boards the great success it is each year. 

The highest-bid Silent Auction Signature Board
went home with Shelley Johnson for $350 — a beautiful blue-stained pine Pine Tree made by Sears Trostel’s own Bob Jefferies. Thank you Shelley and Bob! And THANK YOU to the local supporter businesses that contributed gift items for the auction:
  • The Cupboard 
  • Deli Works 
  • Downtown ACE Hardware 
  • The Fox & The Crow
  • Spoons, Soups & Salads 

Special thanks go to Robert Flomer of Fort Collins Laser Engraving. 
Not only did he donate the engraving of boards for our sponsor and supporter businesses, he surprised us at the last minute with the beautiful Engraved Wood Ornaments that many of you purchased along with boards.

A big part of the fun and festive atmosphere of Bread ’N’ Boards is the music. We thank our musical guests, and Lauren Alman for working with them to provide great entertainment!
  • Franklin Taggert
  • Martin Bates
  • Lindsay & Mark Brady of Fall River Road
  • Don Diemer 
  • The T-Band -- Amy Anderson, Rob Griffith, Scott Catalano, Bob Jefferies

See photos from Bread 'N' Boards 2017

Thank you to the businesses that supplied essential items for the event: Foothills Unitarian Church for providing the tables to hold the boards; Best Rental for providing the coffee urns;  Downtown Ace Hardware, State Farm's Sharon Younie, and Whole Foods for donating bags for purchases; Color Pro for donating the printing of Bread ’N’ Boards flyers; Rivendell School for advertising the event in their newsletter; and Noosa Yoghurt for feeding our hungry volunteers.

And MANY THANKS to the many VOLUNTEERS that help the event run smoothly, and to the Food Bank for Larimer County for all the GOOD it does in our community.

We hope to see you all at Bread ’N’ Boards 2018!

Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Lumber in Fort Collins

January 3, 2018

The mountain pine beetle is a species of bark beetle native to western North America, inhabiting forests from Mexico through the western United States and into the central portions of the Canadian province, British Columbia. An integral insect in the forests’ ecosystem, mountain pine beetles feed on older trees assisting in the youthful development of a natural forest state, allowing the maturation of younger saplings while preventing older, dead or decaying trees from robbing them of needed nutrients.
A rise in the earth’s average temperature over the past few years coupled with extended dry conditions and plenty of lodgepole pine trees have caused an epidemic and feeding frenzy of sorts from the mountain pine beetle community. The beatles lay eggs underneath the bark of an infected tree while introducing a blue stain fungus onto its’ new home. The fungus provided by colonization inhibits the housed tree from transporting water and essential nutrients inside and around to all areas of the tree, ultimately resulting in an untimely death for the endangered host.

Typically within two weeks, an attacked tree will be rendered lifeless as the beatles continue their attack while living out their life cycle. Once an attack is rendered a signal is sent to surrounding pine beetles in the area drawing even more insects to a specific tree under attack. Mountain pine beetles live approximately one to two years, much of which is spent beneath the surface of an inhabited tree’s bark except when emerging for attacks on a newly found subject.

A meaningful and beautiful use of a casualty tree involves the now discolored wood being repurposed in some form or fashion. Most often an infected tree will produce a wood with a natural grey or blue hue filled with distinct characteristics and a beautiful finish provided by the combination of a previous infestation and release of the blue fungus.

While the integrity of the wood is uncompromised the discoloration provides a shockingly beautiful color which can then be used for a variety of purposes. One of the more popular choices has been to use beetle kill wood in home construction. By utilizing the wood in every aspect from the framing to flooring in addition to accents and ceilings those leading the way in a useful repurpose of the pleasing and creative blue stain pine.
Repurpose, may in fact be an inaccurate use of the term as the wood is often used just for its’ intended purpose but provides a unique look as opposed to the normal beauty and characteristic of regular pine. The beetle kill wood remains just as versatile and strong, providing a sustainable and suitable replacement depending on the desired purpose and look for construction.

Benefits of Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine

The infestation and epidemic created by warmer and dry conditions that led to the demise of countless acres of pines throughout the inhabited region does come with a few benefits. While the destruction of trees is never a good thing, an ability to find a silver lining in the midst of a bad situation has helped to save other landscapes and benefit those who elect to use beetle kill pine for their construction projects.

If harvested within a five year period following an infestation and demise of the once live tree, all wood retained can be used for any number of projects including: paneling, flooring, cabinets, doors, and furniture. These pieces will have the unique blue hue which can often appear grey, purple, and a variety of different shades created from the fungus passed to the tree from the mountain pine beetle.

These varying shades allow wood projects completed with blue stain pine to exists in a natural state without any stain or paint to modify the color of the wood. Individuals concerned about the care of their wood and that of the environment can reap the benefits from a number of factors by electing to construct with blue stain pine as opposed to natural pine modified with a stain. Especially when attempting to reach a natural shade or darker colored aspect from the piece, wall or floor being made.

Further, by harvesting the pines that have been infected the trees are removed from the forest thinning out a potential catastrophic danger for the natural environment. Removal eliminates the dead wood early from the forest keeping it from becoming fully rotten and falling to the ground. These older trees serve little purpose except in a negative aspect providing a ground layer of kindling for potential forest fires if not removed. By both taking the wood out and then using it as intended the bonus created from the magnificent colors also makes the best of a bad situation created from the insect infestation.

This availability can help enhance any door, furniture, or room when wanting to create a natural looking state or environment without the needed use of chemicals. Artisans and designers everywhere are trending with the use of blue stain pine all provided from the natural state of its’ environment and resulting from an insect attack. What has transpired into an inordinate amount of attacks, resulting in acres of dead trees has been transformed into as much of a good thing as possible through innovation and design.

For decades, Sears Trostel has served our community with quality and integrity. We are proud to offer the best value without compromising quality or customer service. Our manufacturing processes allow for unrivaled flexibility in custom profiles, and our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of our customers through Colorado, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us today with your needs or visit our retail sales and showroom located at 1500 Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. For commercial and residential sales please call 970-482-1928 or for wholesale and manufacturing, 970-482-0222 or 800-950-1928 with any other general questions about our products and services. We can also be reached by email at as we look forward to showing you the effects quality beautiful natural woods can have.

The Beauty Real Wood Has to Offer

Hardwood is an investment

December 29, 2017

Wood itself has a long and storied history, being used for and in construction dating back thousands of years or more. The uses extend beyond building structures however, as boats, weapons, and protective pieces or barriers like shields and fences also often used the natural component. Uses even extended into everyday needs and still does today by providing fuel as a heat source, furniture for the home, and is even a major component of paper. The beauty of wood extends beyond its’ natural state and can still be utilized in the modern era by adding character and value to almost any project.

Whether you are contemplating an addition onto your home or office, building a brand-new structure from the ground up, or updating an existing interior and/or exterior considering wood as the basis for the project can pay immediate dividends. Depending on the overall goal of a project, wood provides a means by which many different factors can each be accomplished simultaneously. 

From the floor to the ceiling, wood can change the outlook of a room or even an entire building almost immediately. Changing existing fixtures and surfaces into wood offers a variety of positive features both pleasant to the eye and pocket book. The wide array of available choices in wood is often surprising as modifications both small and large can be utilized when choosing wood as the base component on a project. Various colors and designs are all attainable with the different types of wood naturally available and on the market today.

The following are a few examples of areas where natural wood can take your home or office to the next level both inside and out:


Used in a variety of areas, wood mouldings can provide immediate improvements to a particular space or entire home when used correctly. Wooden  types of trim used in homes literally varies from the floor to ceiling and is one of the most beneficial aesthetic improvements available.

From outlining doors and windows to providing a protective barrier for the wall, wooden trim and mouldings serve a variety of purposes. Most individuals are familiar with baseboards but crown molding is less common. While it can be used to cover imperfections in the drywall, crown molding serves the primary purpose of improving a room’s appearance.


Choosing custom hardwood flooring provides a variety of benefits extending beyond an increased resale value of the property. In today’s market, having custom hardwood floors is often an immediate selling point, giving your home a one of a kind look and typically raising the purchase price past any cost of installation. But the benefits do not end there. 

Hardwood flooring is also much easier to clean, providing a quality appearance to everyone who walks into your room. Depending on the wood used and color decided upon, dust, dirt, and debris is also often less noticeable when on a hardwood floor as opposed to a carpeted surface.


Solid wooden beams offer many positives including providing solid support while being extremely versatile. Exposed beams are also a trending consideration in real estate and having natural wood creates both a conversation piece and solid engineering design in many homes.

Box beams provide the desired look of solid wood beams but at an affordable price.  Box beams are perfect for remodeling or adding to existing rooms because they are relatively easy to install and quickly adds character to a room.    

Custom Millwork

Used both on a building’s interior and exterior, custom millwork adds a decorative aspect to any project. The appearance of millwork is much like the use of crown molding, as it enhances the outward look of a building or improves the feel of an interior room. Often, the special attention to detail in the characteristics of millwork can significantly raise both the price at resale and selling potential itself by providing a unique look not readily available in most real estate markets.

Millwork is also extremely flexible in its’ use and finished design. In many occurrences, the millwork will be sold unfinished so that a buyer can apply their own colors, finishes, or paints to match where the piece or pieces are to be added within the structure or project area. Creating custom millwork today also extends beyond the prototypical “railing” frequently seen above fireplaces and doors to include extra detail on garage doors, plank ceilings, wall paneling, cabinets, and other encasement around architectural details in homes and buildings. 


Essentially millwork on a much larger and less detailed scale, wainscoting provides both an improved appearance to an interior wall or hallway while serving the purpose of a high-end appearance. Similar to paneling, as the two are often used in relation, wainscoting typically appears on the lower portion of a solid wall and serves solely as a decorative feature in today’s home or office.

Butcher Blocks

These unique pieces can spice up a kitchen simply from their immediate addition on top of an existing counter, built-in countertop, or a separate kitchen island cart made from all-natural wood. Serving a two-fold purpose, natural wood butcher blocks provide a pleasing sight and conversation piece in addition to providing a functional apparatus in the kitchen for your cooking enjoyment.

A wooden butcher block provides one of the best options for both durability and cleanliness inside a kitchen. Hardwood butcher blocks provide a clean, safe and beautiful surface. 

For decades, Sears Trostel has served our community with integrity and quality. We are proud to offer the best value without compromising quality or customer service. Our manufacturing processes allow for unrivaled flexibility in custom profiles, and our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of our customers through Colorado, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us today with your needs or visit our retail sales and showroom located at 1500 Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. For commercial and residential sales please call 970-482-1928 or for wholesale and manufacturing, 970-482-0222 or 800-950-1928 with any other general questions about our products and services. We can also be reached by email at as we look forward to showing you the effects quality beautiful natural woods can have.