Made To Order Mouldings

Sears Trostel can make mouldings to match existing mouldings or create new designs with you from scratch.  Please call us to start the process 1-800-950-1928.

We can make mouldings from a wide range of wood speci...

PA1002C Wood Paneling

Custom Order
3/4 X 5-1/4 Paneling used for wall or ceilings.  Great for wainscot.  

PA1003 Wood Paneling

Custom Order

Simple paneling pattern for wall, ceiling or wainscot.  Use differnt wood species for different decors.  

3/8 X 3-3/16

PA1013 Wood Paneling

Special Order 

This Bead Paneling is a widely used pattern for wainscot and full floor to ceiling paneling.  This pattern is also widely used for ceiling paneling.  Us different wood species for differe...

PA1018 Wood Paneling

Special Order

This simple clean paneling pattern is great for many uses including wainscot, ceiling paneling or full wall paneling.  Use different wood species for different decors.  This pattern looks great...

PA1019 Wood Paneling

Special Order

Available in a wide range of wood species.  This pattern looks great as a ceiling paneling but can be used for wainscot and wall paneling as well.

3/8 X 5-1/4

PA1021 Wood Paneling

Special Order 

One of our most often requested wainscot pattern.  This paneling can be used for wall or ceilings in a wide range of wood species for different decors.

1/2 X 3-3/16