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Wood mouldings and trim bring a natural beauty to any project.   Custom millwork and custom mouldings add unique characteristics that can make your project stand out and become a truly special place.

Sears Trostel manufactures all moulding types for new construction and renovation projects in both commercial and residential projects.  Sears Trostel mouldings and millwork is specified by many architectural and design firms throughout Colorado for their new projects because our customers know we will deliver quality products on time with the superior customer service.  Sears Trostel mouldings are also available to purchase through our dealer network of Home Centers and Lumberyards. 

Wood mouldings and interior trim are the detail that brings spaces together adding a style feature to the sharp corners where walls meet floors or ceilings. 

  • Baseboard mouldings create a finished detail where the floor and walls meet to help create a warmer and inviting space. 
  • Case moldings wrap around doors, windows and other architectural features to create prestige around doorways, walk throughs and windows.   
  • Crown mouldings finish off the above spaces by softening the sharp and square corners where the walls meet the ceiling. 
  • Other mouldings such as chair rail, paneling and other mouldings add additional character and luxury by adding artistry in the form of wainscot, ceiling paneling and other features to really make a room stand out.  
  • Primed Poplar Mouldings are an affordable option that is easy to work with and immediately ready for final painting.  Sears Trostel carries a line of Primed Poplar Finger Joint Mouldings and S4S Lumber.

Looking for a particular style of moulding to match an existing style or something new to create a unique space?  We have over 7,000 moulding profiles and the ability to custom make just about any mouldings to suit your needs. Below we have organized some of our moulding profiles into different categories to help in your search.  If you can't find what your looking for just call 1-800-950-1928 and we will help you find or make exactly what you need.

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Radius Base

Custom Order

Shiplap PA1175

Shiplap Wall Paneling is poplar today in a range of styles and wood species.  Our PA1175 Shiplap is offered in all species as a special order and in-stock in our reclaimed Snow Fence and Barn Wood.  This wall p


Custom Order


Custom Order Bar Rail 

Special orders can come in a range of selected sizes or wood species.  


Custom Order Window Sill
1-1/16 X 5-3/4

Custom orders can be made to order in size or wood species