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SawStop is the world leader in table saw safety.

SawStop Table Saws minimize saw-related injuries – and the costs associated with them. When the saw blade comes into contact with skin, the SawStop's patented technology stops and retracts the blade in less than 5 milliseconds, making SawStop Saws the safest table saws available.

Safety. Quality. Value.

SawStop’s stopping mechanism, and premium features like advanced dust collection and professional upgrade options, come together to make SawStop the right choice for anyone looking for safety, performance and reliability at an affordable price.

High Performance

Ideal for craftspeople and hobbyists, each SawStop saw is engineered and built with adjust-ability in mind. Perfectly align and tune your saw for maximum performance and precision cuts.


Industrial Strength

The ultimate in quality and safety. Durable craftsmanship and thoughtful details combine for consistent, reliable performance in the most demanding industrial environments. It’s an essential cornerstone in any shop.

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