Sears Trostel partners with White River to provide a wide range of decorative mouldings and ceiling & wall panels to meet any design in both residential and commercial projects.  Sears Trostel is a distributor of White River products and services which include hand carved wood elements, embellished hardwood mouldings, Decorative Wall Panels and pre-finished composite mouldings.  White River Hardwood Moulding lines include over 3,000 embellished mouldings profiles. Each White River line offers a range of wood species and can be easily installed with standard wood working tools.


Decorative Case Mouling

White River

Base Moulding


Available in 4" - 8" widths

Base Mouldings add style to any room and can turn standard cabinetry into furniture.

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Decorative Case Mouling

White River

Case Moulding


Available in 2" - 5" widths

Casings are mouldings to trim around doors & windows in homes and other projects. 

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Decorative Crown Moulding

White River

Crown Moulding


Available in 1" - 8" widths

Crown and Cove mouldings finish off any room with trim around the ceiling and beams.

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Decorative Friezes Moulding

White River

Friezes Moulding


Available in 3" - 8" widths

Frieze moulding transform normal moulding details into fantastic focal points. 

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Mouldings can create the room


Decorative Wood Mouldings

Beautiful Architectural Elements 

Sears Trostel can work with you to create the beautiful unique spaces you deserve and want.   Working with White River our team of designers can provide a wide range of millwork design services, including sketches and elevation drawings.  We provide quality solutions to transform the ordinary into the fantastic. 



Call 1-800-950-1928 for more details. 




 Ornamentally Embossed Mouldings

Create a signature look with decorative mouldings

The White River mouldings can bring your project to life with design solutions that create a custom signature look.  With classically inspired traditional moulding profiles that can be combined together to create a truly unique and different trim decor to transform any room.

Custom details add real luxury

Decorative Moulding Transform Ordinary to Extrodinary