Pakari: The Pine That's Perfect for Exterior Applications

June 15, 2021

Pakari: The Pine That's Perfect for Exterior Applications
Pakari is a new and innovative, real-wood choice that is perfect for building decks. It's durable, water and decay resistant, chemical-free, sustainably sourced and has an exotic look.

Read more about how this softwood pine is being used for exterior projects on the Colorado Builder magazine website.

Check out our Pakari decking, lumber and paneling options here.

Cut the Cord with Festool

Cut the Cord with Festool
There’s great satisfaction in a job well-done. The process is even more enjoyable when you have the right tools to help a project come together quickly and with ease.

Going cordless with your power tools offers a lot of freedom. Many brands and options are available to contractors and home DIYers in cordless power tools, and an equally wide range of quality, construction and life span.

We asked Sears Trostel customer, Jeremiah Sailer, why he has invested in many Festool cordless products, as well as the whole Festool line.

Jeremiah has worked in custom carpentry for 15 years, and six years ago started Sailer Carpentry in Fort Collins. Three years into business for himself, after trying-out a fellow contractor's Festool products, he started selling-off his tools from another tool brand and replenished them with Festool. Now his job sites are outfitted with nearly all Festool products and he has no regrets about making the change.

Festool manufactures many cordless tools — drills, sanders, jigsaws, track saws, multi-tool, angle grinder — and Jeremiah says he owns most all of them. Cordless makes up approximately 30% of his tool inventory. The convenience of cordless tools adds to the overall efficiency of a job by allowing his team to easily move between sawing stations on a job site with one track saw; walk through a house and do sanding detail work; and have freedom of movement with the twisting and turning of a jigsaw without the cord slowing you down.

"I think there is night and day difference" he said when asked about the battery life between Festool batteries and the batteries of his previous cordless tools.

“Cordless Festool lasts quite awhile. Plus their charger charges fairly quickly,” he added. “All of our drills are cordless and we're not having to swap-out batteries all the time. We can go quite awhile before we would need a charge. Even our little drills for cabinet installs. We can almost get through an entire cabinet pack in a custom home without having to swap-out batteries."

“Drills in box stores are designed for a certain amount of use and then they fail,” said Jeremiah. They’re not necessarily designed to break, but they don't have the gearing. They don't have the proper engineering to last like Festool does. That to me is the big difference. I feel like everything is geared and engineered to what we do. Cordless and corded."

Jeremiah is sold on both cordless and corded Festool. But why did he make the switch to Festool? There are several reasons he said…
  • “Precision. Festool is specifically engineered for what we do.”
  • “The efficiency of working with the tools allows us to be quicker on the process of building so that we can take our time on the install."
  • "The cleanliness of how Festool comes together and the set-up is very organized. I really love that."
  • "Every tool hooks up to a dust extractor. That's really key with my homeowners and my clients."
  • “Their warranty program is amazing."
  • “Festool allows us to set-up shop in somebody's home and be able to fabricate anything out of wood for their house."

Jeremiah bases the success of his business more on the outcome of projects, rather than on the financial bottom line.

"The majority of what we work with and what we wear on our sleeve is Festool, and that is what creates a lot of success in what we do.”

Sailer Carpentry specializes in finish work and custom carpentry in custom homes, and takes on projects like stairways, cabinet installs, built-ins and faux beams. Check out their website and Instagram to learn more.


2020 Woodworking Show Winners

2020 Woodworking Show Winners
THANKS to everyone that participated in the Sears Trostel 17th Annual Woodworking Show, Sale & Competition last week, February 20-22! There is so much talent in our community and we love providing a venue to share their creativity.

We also thank this year's judges who took-on the difficult task of picking the winners from the wide variety of beautiful and technically-challenging entries:
Hobbyist Category Winners

1st Place — Dan Swaim, "Swirl Bowl" in Purpleheart, Redheart, Ash, Oak and Wenge

2nd Place — Don Maul, "Blanket Strip" in Bigleaf Maple Burl

3rd Place — Brian Carroll, "Chillin" in Mesquite and Juniper

Professional Category Winners

1st Place — Ray Cole, "Rosette" in Oak, Cherry and Maple

2nd Place — Terry Chaplin, "Prairie Storm Table Lamp" in Maple

3rd Place — Spencer Young, "Everette Media Console" in Walnut, Bubinga and Maple

Best of Epoxy — Jim Stroh, "Serving Tray 2" in Reclaimed Red Oak, White Oak and Elm

Visitors at the show were the judges for the People's Choice Award. Congratulations to Doug Turner for his "3-Leg Stool" in Black Walnut!

If you weren't able to make it to the show, you can see all the entries in the 17th Annual Woodworking Show Gallery.


The Sears Trostel 2020 Woodworking Show, Sale & Competition — February 20-22, 2020

The Sears Trostel 2020 Woodworking Show, Sale & Competition — February 20-22, 2020
We love celebrating creativity expressed in wood, and that's what the Sears Trostel Woodworking Show, Sale and Competition is all about!

This is our 17th year to give local woodworkers of all skill levels the opportunity to show-off their woodworking talents, compete for prizes and sell their pieces.

Stop by the show to see a beautiful variety of original works — and maybe even take something home, too.*

>> Check out last year's show entries

Show Hours:
  • Thursday, February 20 — 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday, February 21 — 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, February 22 — 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Sears Trostel Lumber & Millwork Showroom
1500 Riverside Ave
Fort Collins, CO


Whether you consider yourself a novice or a seasoned professional, this is a chance to share your talents. Furniture, turnings, carvings, novelty items, boxes, sculpture, works with marquetry and intarsia and more — anything the creative spirit inspires you to craft with wood, we want to see it!

Craftspeople working with EcoPoxy Resins are also encouraged to enter.* EcoPoxy Resins are non-toxic, low odor and incredibly durable resins that are safe and easy to use. They offer endless creative possibilities to woodworkers, artists, jewelry makers and contractors. LEARN MORE

New this year, prizes will be awarded in Hobbyist and Professional categories.

Prizes for 1st through 3rd place in both categories:
  • 1st Place — $100 Sears Trostel gift card
  • 2nd Place — $50 Sears Trostel gift card
  • 3rd Place — $25 Sears Trostel gift card
Two additional awards for all entries in the show:
  • People’s Choice — $25 Sears Trostel Gift Card
  • Creative Use of EcoPoxy — $75 Sears Trostel Gift Card

* EcoPoxy project entries are not required to include wood.

Registrations are due by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, February 18. Please bring your pieces to our Riverside location starting at 2:00 pm on February 19 and no later than 9 am on February 20.

>> Download the Registration Form here

Email your registration form to Katie Tingle at or drop it off at our Riverside location.

OR complete the ONLINE Registration Form BELOW.

See you at the show!

* Any sale of pieces are between the artists and purchasers.


Celebrating 20 Years of Festool USA with Emerald Edition

Celebrating 20 Years of Festool USA with Emerald Edition
For over 90 years, Festool has been an international industry innovator of power tools, pioneering the track saw and has become an industry leader in precision sawing, plunge routing, sanding, and dust extraction systems.

In 1999 Festool came to North America bringing its fleet of specialty tools for uncompromising craftsman.

Now, celebrating 20 years in North American, Festool's Emerald Edition products are available for a limited time. Get them at Sears Trostel while supplies last!

Purchase and register an Emerald Edition tool to enter the Festool Emerald Edition Sweepstakes.
  • The Grand Prize is a trip to Festool USA Headquarters to spend a day with a Festool Trainer, plus airfare and hotel accommodations.
  • Three 2nd Place winners will receive a CT MIDI I Dust Extractor
  • Five 3rd Place winners will receive a CXS Cordless Drill Set

No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes. See the sweepstakes rules to learn how to enter without purchase. Enter by December 31, 2019 to qualify.

Plunge Cut Track Saw TS 55 REQ/FS [SOLD OUT]

The Emerald Edition TS 55 /FS includes the Emerald Blue Systainer and a 28T saw blade and 55" Guide Rail. $690


The Emerald Edition includes the Emerald Edition Systainer and a blade assortment pack, a $50 value.  $390

ROTEX Random Orbit Sander RO 150

The Emerald Edition includes the Emerald Blue Systainer, hard pad and 10 pack Granat P80 & P120, an $82.50 value  $620

DOMINO Joining Machine DF 500

The Emerald Edition includes the Emerald Blue Systainer, D6, D8 and D10 Cutters, a $136 value.  $1,040

Router OF 1400 EQ

The Emerald Edition includes the emerald blue Systainer and edge guard, an $86 value. $600