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Scott C. Anderson, Builder/Craftsman

Cabinetry and fine woodwork for all the living spaces in your home.

The mark of a true artist is his relentless desire to explore new design territory and express something fresh and unique with every project. That’s what Scott Anderson is all about. Whether he is building a set of kitchen cabinets or an intricate, hand-carved armoire, Scott always challenges the “norm” and treats his clients to a uniquely creative experience.

Working with Scott is a real pleasure. Every detail is a target for his creative energy, because Scott believes that inspiration in even the smallest detail can be a source for pure joy. Scott will adjust the “normal” height of your cabinets and toe kicks to make them easier on your back. He’ll make them a bit deeper all around to give you more room to work magic at mealtime. He’ll combine exotic materials in surprising combinations to give you a look that your friends haven’t seen anywhere else. The cabinetry Scott has built with Bamboo from East Asia, for example, or Zebrawood from British West Africa matched with concrete countertops, are beautiful, custom tailored, and unique.

Scott calls his specialty “sophisticated primitive.” It’s a style he has developed that combines the best of traditional design and joinery with a hand-hewn texture that enriches each piece with warmth and human emotion. To see some examples of Scott’s remarkable work, call him at (970) 215-1951.