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Blase Mathern, Jr., The Wood Maestro

As an artist working with fine woods, Blase Mathern strives to create uniquely beautiful works that are useful and functional. His pieces are a combination of his own designs and architectural elements that peak his interest.

"I work alone and approach each project with the attitude of an artist. My signature woodworking traits: contrasting woods, curved legs, ‘old school’ joinery techniques (mortise and tenon, and cross-lapping) added to intriguing design elements, compliment my innate artistic ability. Inspiration comes from the wood itself and my ability to transform a raw material into a functional piece of art. I strive to transform wood into elegant, clean and concise lines that will be admired by those with an eye for fine detail and those that can feel my passion for wood when they caress the surface of the pieces that I create.” - Blase Mathern, Jr., The Wood Maestro.