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Craftsmen Builders, Inc.

The work of Craftsmen Builders is often invisible. It’s the hallmark of a gifted design team--and a sure sign of a great design/build company.
A Craftsmen home, whether a remodel or new build, is designed to blend in while standing out. It's an art that founder Steve Josephs has mastered. Craftsmen homes merge state-of-the-art construction techniques and materials with historic architectural styles and elevations. The finished result is a home that fits in--that looks and feels like original construction, and is perfectly designed for its neighborhood, its era and its owner.
The same balanced aesthetic is found in Craftsmen interiors. Woodwork and built-ins are classically styled and beautifully finished. Carpentry is meticulous and detailed. Floorplans are designed to capture the owners’ wishes while using every available square foot. The latest technologies are integrated throughout.

A Craftsmen home is more than a house, more than a great investment. It’s a legacy that can be lived in. Give them a call at (970) 416-9300.