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Michael Bashkin Guitars

Some art brushes the soul and electrifies the senses. Such is the power of a fine musical instrument. Michael Bashkin elevates this art form, blending exotic African and South American woods with extraordinary craftsmanship to create the graceful contours and lovely voice of his handmade acoustic guitars. 

There’s just no feeling in the world like playing a Bashkin guitar. The instrument comes alive in your hands. It is amazingly responsive, balanced, a dream to play, and designed to faithfully express the personality of its owner. Michael works with each new owner to choose every component, select the right wood, and refine every detail of design to match the owner’s playing style perfectly.

Michael Bashkin has become a nationally respected guitar builder because his instruments are stunning in every sense – to touch, to play, to hear, and to see. Even if you’ve never played a guitar in your life, you’ll appreciate the awesome beauty of these instruments.