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CONTURO KA 65 Set (574616)
*Includes CONTURO Edge Banding Set*

Achieve crisp edge quality on straight surfaces, curves, radii, convex and concave shapes, and even internal corners just as easily on the jobsite as in the shop. Extremely portable and with an optional table mount, the CONTURO Edge Bander can complement or replace a stationary edge banding machine, freeing up space and lending unrivaled flexibility. Suitable for all types of wood, plastic, and melamine edging, the ergonomic design includes two speeds and a support handle for easy maneuvering. Avoid burns from glue, irons, or heat guns with the CONTURO’s patented thermally isolated hot melt glue system. The included Edge Trimming Kit also provides a cost-effective collection of accessories and components to help achieve a flawless edge. These products may be purchased individually as well. Save your wallet, your space, and your hands and switch to a Festool.
  • front handle
  • 4x EVA adhesive, natural
  • Edge Trimming Set KB-KA 65 SYS
    • Edge Banding Reel
    • Additional Roller
    • Edge Banding Trimmer
    • Scraper
    • StickFix Base Kit with 3x Felt Pad
    • 5x Polishing Felt
    • 0x Abrasive Sheets StickFix Brilliant 2 80 x 133 P320
    • Hand-Sanding Block 80 x 133 mm
    • 5x StickFix Sanding Cloth S 800, MPA 6000 Polishing Compound
    • in Systainer SYS 4 T-LOC.
Price: $3,410.00
SKU: 574616