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DF 700 EQ-Plus (574422)
*Does not include the optional trim and cross stop* (see instead: DF 700 EQ-Set)
Never let your material’s location or size limit you again. Instead of devoting large amounts of floor space to stationary machines and having to bring oversized panels into a tight space, the Festool Domino XL allows for the unmatched flexibility and accuracy of the original DF 500, while having new maximum tenon size of 5 ½” long. Create durable joints when building beds, tables, slabs, doors, and gates, while enjoying the precision of placement that you expect from Festool’s engineering. 
  • DOMINO DF 700 XL 15/32" (12mm) cutter
  • support bracket
  • 2x dowel box
  • wrench
Price: $1,400.00
SKU: 574422