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The Andersen moulding styles are one of the most common moulding profiles used in homes across the U.S.  Combining the base moulding BA0623 and case moulding CA0346 will give you a warm and traditional feel to any room where this combination is used.

Combining moulding profiles such as base mouldings with case mouldings have been successfully done for generations.  Combining traditional mouldings to create a distinctive design style or to meet a desired need can be easily achieved with Sears Trostel’s extensive moulding selection.  Combining mouldings always depends on your preference but you should always consider a few factors such as desired décor style, how big are the rooms and how tall are the ceilings.  When determining your moulding sizes you should consider taller base boards, thicker case mouldings and deeper crown mouldings when you have higher ceilings, especially when the ceiling height is greater than 9 feet.

The Sears Trostel experienced staff can help you with selecting the right moulding combinations to achieve your desired look.