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Used with most any power drill, EcoPoxy®'s Epoxy Mixers provide thorough mixing with consistent results, and less effort than hand mixing.  

Available in two sizes, while the 80 mm mixer is perfect for mixing epoxies in EcoPoxy Pour Pails, while the 45 mm mixer is ideal for mixing epoxies in EcoPoxy Graduated Mixing Cups. Both have a rugged triple-blade design with a hexagonal steel shaft that keys into your drill and offer complete mixing of Part A & Part B in every batch. When you are done mixing, they may be cleaned and reused.

Whether you are making a river table, serving tray, or an encapsulation, Epoxy Mixers save time and take the chore out of mixing.

80 mm 6-pack

Price: $10.00
Manufacturer: EcoPoxy
SKU: EPMXR10-80X400-6PK