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Premium Casting Epoxy for Small Projects

NEW! FlowCast® SPR is formulated with a simple 2:1 mix ratio and is designed for small castings, allowing users to create projects with thinner profiles, such as coasters and serving trays. It can be combined with Liquid or Metallic pigments to create custom colors and effects.

FlowCast SPR is intended for pours from 6-25 mm (¼-1") per layer, with a maximum volume of 3 L. FlowCast can be worked using the same tools you have in your woodshop.
  • Perfect for small pours, ¼" to 1" thick per layer
  • Faster Curing – finish projects in a weekend
  • Excellent air release for bubble-free castings
  • Outstanding Transparency
  • Cures water clear

Used to Create:
  • Serving Trays
  • Drink Coasters
  • Decorative Art Pieces
  • Other Small-Scale Live-Edge Casting Projects
Price: $39.57
Manufacturer: EcoPoxy