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Scientific Name: Betula papyrifera
Common Name: Birch, White Birch, Paper Birch
Janka Hardness: 910
Tree: 65-100 ft tall, 1-3 ft trunk diameter
Distribution: Northern North America
Properties: A light reddish brown or cream colored heartwood, and cream or nearly white sapwood. Very little difference between heartwood and growth rings, making the wood a nearly uniform color. A fine, even texture, with straight or slightly wavy grain. Birch is very prone to rot and so exterior applications are not recommended.
Workability: If the lumber has a straight grain, it works well with both machine and hand tools. However, a wavy or irregular grain are prone to tear out. Holds glue, stains, and finishes well. Birch is often stained to impersonate more expensive woods, though a pre-stain conditioner can help avoid blotching. It is also good for turning and carving, and sands well.  
Common Uses: Birch is a very popular plywood and veneer, and is also used for interior trim moulding, turned and carved objects.
Availability: Birch is widely available in many forms and moderately inexpensive. Figured boards with a curl or wave are usually more expensive.
Fun Fact: Birch is what is known as a “pioneer” species, meaning it is one of the first species of trees to grow in an area after other trees are removed by some disturbance. These disturbances can include wildfire, avalanches, and strong winds. Birch is particularly adapted to fire recovery, as it quickly reseeds and close stands of birch are not particularly flammable due to their high moisture content. This means that stands of birch can actually halt or slow fires. However, in dry seasons, the flaky, peeling bark of birch can catch fire more easily and can burn off, exposing the inner wod.

Product Description:
S4S material has been surfaced on four sides and sanded.
Yellow Birch Select & Better 1 X 2- Actual Size 3/4" X 1-3/4”
Yellow Birch Select & Better 1 X 3- Actual Size 3/4" X 2-1/2”
Yellow Birch Select & Better 1 X 4- Actual Size 3/4" X 3-1/2”
Yellow Birch Select & Better 1 X 6- Actual Size 3/4" X 5-1/2”
Yellow Birch Select & Better 1 X 8- Actual Size 3/4" X 7-1/4”

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