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Scientific Name: Handroanthus spp.
Common Name: Ipe, Brazilian Walnut, Lapacho, Ironwood
Janka Hardness: 3510
Tree: 100-150 ft tall, 2-4 ft trunk diameter
Distribution: Tropical Central and South America
Properties: Dark brown, with hues that can run from red to yellow to olive to black. Often there are streaks of either lighter or darker color throughout. Ipe has fine to medium texture, with a grain that is varied, able to be straight, irregular, or interlocked. Ipe is also notable for its incredible durability, especially in outdoor conditions where its weathering ability is superb. It is also naturally fire- and water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for harsh conditions.
Workability: Ipe can be difficult to work with, due to its density and hardness. It quickly dulls cutters and can resist hand tools. Pre-drilling is recommended for screws or nails, though drill bits can also suffer blunting in the process. Water-based glue does not hold, so pre-glue surface treatment or synthetic glues will have to be utilized. However, Ipe sands easily and leaves a smooth finish without splintering, though caution should be taken with the fine yellow sawdust as it can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory system.
Common Uses: Ipe is perhaps best known for its use in decking and outdoor furniture, but is also useful for inlay, flooring, tool handles, and other specialty crafting.
Availability: Moderately expensive

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