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Beetle Kill Pine comes from millions of acres of dead pine trees throughout western North America.  The Mountain Pine Beetle kills the trees by boring into the wood and laying eggs.  The beetles also carry a fungus which attacks the tree and causes what is commonly known as blue stain.  The trees are harvested within 5 years of the tree dying and the wood is used throughout the lumber and building industries to produce furniture, flooring, paneling, doors, cabinets, and other products.  To learn more about Beetle Kill Pine click here.

Sears Trostel stocks and distributes a full line of Beetle Kill and Blue Stain products which include Random Length and Random Width lumber, S4S and Plywood.  Below are some of the sizes and products we carry but please call 1-800-950-1928 for a full list of our inventory.

4/4 Beetle Kill 
8/4 Beetle Kill
1 X 6 Beetle Kill in 8' to 16' Lengths
1 X 8 Beetle Kill in 8' to 16' Lengths
11/16" X 5-1/4" Beetle Kill WP4 Tongue and Groove Paneling

Also Available:
4 X 8 Beetle Kill Plywood in MDF and Comp Core with 1 or 2 Good Sided 
2 X 6 S4S in Distribution Quantities
Beetle Kill Paneling in V Groove, Shiplap, Tongue and Groove, or Custom Patterns