Telluride Interior Trim Combination BA2041 & CA1809Return to Commercial Mouldings

The Telluride premium moulding styles are one of our more popular upscale moulding profiles in our Mountain Series.  Combining the base moulding BA2041 and case moulding CA1809 will provide a luxurious appearance to any room where this combination is used. 

The process of combining base and case mouldings can create distinctive design styles and can enhance the look and feel of a room.  When determining moulding combinations, it is important to factor in the preferred decor style, size of the room, and ceiling height.  For instance, higher ceilings (9ft+) would benefit from combining taller base mouldings with thicker case mouldings.

Our experienced staff at Sears Trostel can help you with selecting the right moulding combinations to achieve your desired look with our extensive moulding selection