Veneer Sale

Sears Trostel Hardwood Harvest Sale thru November 20, 2021




SAVE 30% on select Veneers

While supplies last. In-stock inventory only. Discounts taken on regular retail prices.


Call 970-482-1928 to check current sale inventory, and our selection of regularly-priced veneers.



V28ALD468       ALDER SUPERIOR – 2X8 VAR CUT FW 10 MIL G3 PSA  RUN BOOK    Sale 79.93 ea    reg. 114.18
V28ALDPF468   ALDER – 2X8 PREMIUM FRAME/KNOTTY PSA PLANK MATCH 10MIL   Sale  83.61 ea    reg. 119.44
V48KA                KNOTTY RED ALDER – 4X8 VENEER FC PLANK MATCHED 10 MIL PAPER BACK    Sale  90.11 ea   reg. 128.73
V48KALDT3       KNOTTY ALDER – 4X8 FC T3 2 PLY WOODBACKER      Sale  97.85 ea    reg. 139.78
V28CHR468       CHERRY – 2X8 FC PSA    Sale 86.72 ea    reg. 123.88
V48CHR             CHERRY – 4X8 FC RUN BOOK PAPERBACK 10MIL    Sale 78.43 ea    reg. 112.04
V28CVGF           FIR – 2X8 CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN  PAPER BACK 10 MIL     Sale  50.56 ea   reg. 72.23
V48CVGF           FIR – 4X8 CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN (QTR CUT FW FIR) 10MIL PAPERBACK RUN BOOK   Sale 111.10 ea    reg. 158.71
V48AMAH         AFRICAN MAHOGANY –  4X8 FLAT CUT RUN BOOK PAPER BACK 10MIL      Sale 63.78 ea    reg. 91.11
V28MAP468     HARD MAPLE – 2X8 FC PSA     Sale 82.71 ea    reg. 118.15
V28WOQ          WHITE OAK – 2X8 QUARTERED       Sale 35.86 ea    reg. 51.23
V48WOQ          WHITE OAK – 4X8 QUARTER SAWN  FC 10MIL PAPER BACK RUN BOOK     Sale 79.15 ea    reg. 113.07
V28KP               KNOTTY PINE – 2X8 FC    Sale 40.78   reg. 58.25
V48KP               KNOTTY PINE – 4X8 FC 10MIL PAPERBACK    Sale 88.34 ea   reg. 126.20
V48CP               PONDEROSA WHITE PINE -– 4X8 FC CLEAR RUN BOOK 10MIL PAPERBACK      Sale 61.33 ea   reg. 87.62