Elm - Live Edge Wood Slabs


American Elm Round - RBAE-C-005


American Elm Round Billet / American Elm Live Edge Slab Billet
Approximately 3" X 32" X 30"
Beautiful color and shape, this American Elm Round Billet could be used for wall artwork, clocks or other furniture. &nbs...

American Elm Round - RBAE-C-006


American Elm Round Billet / American Elm Live Edge Slab Billet 
Approximately 3" X 30" X 30" 

Great Color and Shape, uses could include table, clock, wall artwork, or other furniture piece. 

American Elm Slab - RBSLABAE-152


American Elm Slab
1-1/2" X 14-20" X 98-1/2"

American Elm is also referred to sometimes as White Elm or Water Elm.  It is native to the Eastern part of North America.
This beautiful wood slab is a nice size for ...

Maple Burl - RBMAPBURL-1002


Maple Burl Live Edge Slab
Roughly 3/4" X 11" X 18"

Very interesting color and shape, will make a great piece of furniture or artwork.

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Siberian Elm RBSELMSLAB-179


Siberian Elm Slab
24-1/2" to 31" wide X 92" Long X 2"

Siberian Elm is native to the Central Asia area and is often known asw Asiatic Elm or Dwarf Elm.  
This slab has some very nice color and unique charac...