Vacuum Clamp - Festool


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Clamping module VAC SYS SE 2


Work more efficiently with the new VAC SYS System. With proven vacuum-based suction clamping, the VAC SYS provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for nearly any project. Effectively clamp material or a wo

Clamping module VAC SYS SE 1


Clamping Module with Round Vacuum Cup and Foot Valve for clamping non-porous material with Vacuum Pump. In Systainer SYS 4.

Suction-Based Clamping Pump VAC-PMP


Designed for use with Clamping Modules, this continuous-duty pump is quiet, efficient, and features a front-panel pressure gauge for easy monitoring. This VAC PMP is the pump for the VAC SYS System.