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The creative process: making t-shirts

By Laine Saks - May 27, 2012

A few days ago we posted a teaser about new t-shirt design ideas.  Well, we can confirm that these shirts will actually go into production later this week.  We are going to do a limited run and wait to hear back from customers, but we really hope you like what we came up with (we sure think they're great).
Because we know a lot of our customers own small businesses (and t-shirts are great promotional tools), Meryl and I thought we would share a little bit with you about the design process.  When I first began school I was an apparel design major for 2 years, so just know that I always have little ideas floating around in my brain and I am secretly daydreaming about sewing.  The first week of working here at Sears Trostel I found myself doodling design ideas and concepts for t-shirts and fun sayings.  Here they are:

the ladies' edition :) 

We all know how easy it would be to slap our logo and address on a t-shirt and call it a day, but Meryl and I both wanted to come up with shirts that would grab peoples' attention, and maybe even make them laugh a little.  Using my ideas, initial sketches and Photoshop we now have this:

it's all wood

the fake proverb v-neck

Our good friends at Encore Apparel (just a block away from us on Riverside) are helping us turn these drawings into real t-shirts that we are going to sell in our store.  YAY!
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!