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Sourcing your materials (a.k.a. perseverance)

June 1, 2017

When undertaking a project, it's important to be creative.  I've often found that picturing a product or specific application is easier than finding what you are looking for.

Take, for example my end table (are you getting sick of hearing about it yet?).  I mentioned my love of all things mid-century modern and began a quest for a drawer pull that would fit with my original design.  Of course Sears Trostel offers a wide selection of hardware from both Amerock and Top Knobs, so my search began here, scouring catalogs.  There were several pulls that would have sufficed, but they weren't quite right.  So my search took me to the Internet and several google searches (keywords: mid-century modern hardware, vintage hardware, vintage drawer pulls etc. etc.).  I found a few online stores with what was described as mid-century modern hardware but still didn't see what I was looking for.

My last Internet stop was e-bay (I love e-bay) where I found a set of 6 round pulls in a dull bronze finish for less than $10 total.  Not only are these Amerock pulls almost exactly what I had been picturing, but they are authentic- probably sold in the 60's.  They came from the estate of a retired cabinet maker and are now a part of my treasured collection.

so shiny & old :)
Moral of the story: don't settle!  

Speaking of sourcing materials... look what UPS just delivered to us.  It's Christmas in June!  Check back next week to see the first completed project using the famed hairpin legs.

Love em'