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Nice legs and the art of re-purposing

June 21, 2012

Lately I have been talking to Harlan about building a custom sewing table.  I have been bouncing around ideas with him wondering if my idea is even feasible (remember I am not a furniture designer).  But I want something functional, and while the table I am using right now certainly works for my purposes, it's not the most ideal solution (think panel screwed to two metal sawhorses).  Without talking too in depth about my design ideas, I will just say that the process came to a standstill last week when Harlan asked me what I envisioned for the table legs.  Without knowing exactly what I wanted (or was willing to pay for) we did some initial searches in our vendor catalogs and online, without yielding great results.

Everyone knows how much I love Ebay and Craiglist by now, right?  Well, even more than that, I really like the idea of re-purposing old furniture and in this instance specifically, old table legs.  So, I found a used conference table online, bought it the next day and stole the legs right out from underneath of it; paying a fraction of the price I would have otherwise paid for new legs.

And this got me to thinking, what else could we use these legs for?  For one, yesterday we used them to finish a table we are putting in our showroom.  I have gotten plenty of feedback today on the legs, because they are great quality and as my co-worker Steve put it, "a really good find."  And simple table legs like these lend themselves to really any idea for a table or workspace.  Don't you think so?

Well, we want to hear your ideas.  In the near future Sears Trostel will be holding its very first design contest, using these metal table legs.  The criteria will be explained further this week, so check back... and start brainstorming.