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Miller Custom Carpentry

By the time a fine home is nearly finished, it reflects a balance of design, style, taste and experience – a blend of ideas contributed by the architect, builder and home owner.  But when craftsmen arrive and begin to install custom cabinets, built-ins and mouldings, the home owner’s influence really shines through.  This is where a home owner can add a signature that is distinctive and completely personal.

Allen Miller leads a team of superb carpenters who are among the most talented and respected in the region.  They are experts in creating custom cabinets, built-ins, mantels, and mouldings that truly bring a home owner’s vision to life – while they meet a contractor’s need for a turnkey job that finishes on schedule and on budget.  Allen matches the needs of each project with a crew of two to six that applies the right manpower and talent to the job. Larger crews are always available to accommodate more substantial projects.

With long experience and extraordinary talent, the craftsmen on Allen’s teams offer flexibility you’ll appreciate.  They always construct cabinets and built-ins in place, but their work can include any combination of pre-manufactured and custom components.  They can work straight from prints or collaborate with you to conceive something completely new. 

To see some examples of their remarkable work, call Allen Miller at 970-567-3926.