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ST Customer: Bryant Bajema & Colorado Fine Woodworks

September 30, 2015

At 4-years-old his grandma gave him a miniature set of real screwdrivers. “There wasn’t even a hammer or saw included. But I thought that they were real — that they weren’t just toy screwdrivers,” says Bryant Bajema of Colorado Fine Woodworks. “I thought, man, I could do anything with these!”  
And so began his life with wood. He was off and running, and at the age of 12 he picked up a copy of American WoodWorker and ordered every free catalog from every company offering one. “I looked through every single page and read recommendations, got free issues of every magazine that would give one, and even demo plans of projects, so I could just start to learn the terminology and how things are built,” he says. He even built himself a 6 ’x 8’ shed with a bandsaw, table saw, drill press and router. 
Bryant took his first ‘real job’ in woodworking, building cabinets for high-end custom kitchens, when he was 18. Fifteen years later, he’s worked in virtually every aspect of the industry — complete custom kitchens, wood floors, ceiling systems, wall systems, paneling, built-ins, bookcases, cabinet doors, custom interior doors and passage doors. “That has enabled me to really be able to do a wide range of projects for our clients,” he says.

Six years ago he decided to go into business for himself, and Colorado Fine Woodworks was born. “I could actually function as a business, and get started with the support that Sears Trostel gave us,” says Bryant. 
Now with six awesome employees, and business going strong, they provide clients with a variety of custom woodwork — anything from old-world traditional, such as cabriole legs and carving, to creative contemporary. He likes putting a creative spin on contemporary with interesting inlays, veneer work, and introducing other elements like steel. One day they may be working on a traditional piece of furniture, and the next, a humidified guitar cabinet with modern, simple lines.
Many of their projects require special woods and custom mouldings — sometimes products that they can’t even find online — and that is why they have found Sears Trostel to be such an important business partner. 
“The staff knows what they’re talking about. They help us through projects as we’re both looking for what’s best for the application. They’re willing to do a lot of the legwork and help us,” Bryant says. 

Colorado Fine Woodworks has turned to Sears Trostel over the years to source lumber products that are hard to find; to get unique cuts of wood with our custom shop services; and has also purchased several machines for their shop. “We use Sears Trostel for mouldings on almost every job,” Bryant adds.
“The knowledgeable staff, the variety of the product, and the pricing — that all played a major part in us happily coming back,” Bryant says about their early days in business. “And now that we’re larger and we’re busy constantly and we have more employees, we’re taking on larger projects — and for the same reasons we still come back.”