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SawStop Jobsite Saw: Safety, Mobility, Innovation in a Compact Package

March 30, 2016

The SawStop Jobsite Saw is a remarkable piece of technology. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of table saws! It has everything on board that you need for a table saw on a jobsite — or anywhere that mobility is important or space is tight. It is reliable, lightweight, easily portable, powerful, durable, and of course, SAFER that any other saw on the market.

Not only is it an excellent performer on the construction site, it’s great for fine woodworking, too.

We’ve carried the SawStop brand at Sears Trostel for many years, and we use the saws in our own shop. We’re happy to report that their use has saved several ST employees from serious injury during that time.

The SawStop Jobsite Saw has many great features. See them in this video...then stop by our Riverside store and check out the Jobsite Saw for yourself!