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Get Creative and Reclaim a Piece of the Past with Reclaimed Products!

September 7, 2016

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of Lydia's Style magazine

Recycle. Repurpose. Reclaim.
 We hear those words used a lot these days -- especially in the lumber industry. Increased numbers of older structures are being carefully dismantled -- rather than demolished -- and more fallen trees are being salvaged.

With the call to preserve our natural resources, Reclaimed Products are becoming favored choices for home interiors, architectural elements and crafting projects. Watch shows on HGTV and DIY Network, or cruise websites like and Pinterest, and you’ll find them being used in a multitude of ways. These materials add a warmth and sense of history that their newer counterparts may lack.

With the increased popularity of reclaimed products, finding sources for them is becoming more challenging. But finding them in Fort Collins has become a lot easier!
Sears Trostel is your local connection for reclaimed beams & mantelsreclaimed lumberreclaimed corrugated tin and live-edge urban salvaged wood slabs for use in DIY and commercial construction projects.

Read about reclaimed materials in the 
September 2016 issue of Lydia’s Style

Hand Hewn Beams & Mantelscollected from 100+ year-old structures make a beautiful statement in any style of home — from vintage to contemporary. In-stock sizes range from 4”x8” to 10”x10” in varying lengths, or special order custom sizes.

 >> See examples of Reclaimed Mantels and Beams, and other Reclaimed Materials, in our inventory.

Reclaimed Pine and Fir Lumber sourced from windbreaks and old corrals, is ideal for use in picture frames, furniture pieces, or for accent walls, and more.

>> Check-out creative Reclaimed Wood ideas on Pinterest  

Live-Edge Salvaged Wood Slabs make a gorgeous foundation for tables, bar tops, benches, mantels -- whatever your imagination can dream-up.

>> See what you can do with Live-Edge Wood

To go along with the rustic character of the reclaimed woods in your projects, we also stock Reclaimed Corrugated Tin panels in three different patinas -- Grey, Light and Heavy. Full panels are 26" wide x 12' long.

>> Find creative ways to use Reclaimed Corrugated Tin 

Stop by Sears Trostel today and reclaim a piece of the past for your next project!

Contractor: HighCraft Builders   Photo by: Damon Searles