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The Magic of Mouldings & Millwork

July 17, 2017

While often the forgotten star of the show, when it comes to home interiors, mouldings and millwork can make a room go from blah to ‘a-ha!’ in moments.

Also known as ‘trim’, the choice of moulding around windows, floors and ceilings, as well as other types of millwork, create the character of a home.  They add architectural interest to a room, provide proportion and depth to ceilings and doors, and help windows pop. It’s the behind-the-scenes magic that makes a room.

Here at Sears Trostel, we are your local experts on mouldings & millwork. With a 5,000-piece moulding library, and a super-fast Lean Manufacturing process, we have all the millwork resources for DIYers and contractors to bring life to remodeling projects, new homes and office spaces. Plus, deliver quickly.

We offer several moulding and millwork solutions:
  • Classic & Mountain Series Moulding — Our in-stock collections of moulding with several industry standard profiles, as well as other distinctive designs. The collection includes building blocks, such as back bands and base caps, to make your own moulding ‘build-ups.’ Produced in a variety of sizes and wood species, it is easy to mix and match moulding profiles to create a unique design. Add tongue & groove wainscot paneling for a finished, elegant look and provide wall protection in high traffic areas.

Learn about the basic moulding elements and how they work together in the article below.

Interior Trim: 8 Must-Know Elements
  • Custom Mouldings — Need your own exclusive profile? We can manufacture custom mouldings to your exact specifications. Just draw a profile, choose the size, wood species, grade of wood, lineal footage needed — and we’ll deliver it fast.
  • Arched & Curved Mouldings — Add some ‘curve’ appeal! Sears Trostel manufactures casing
    for arch-top doors and windows, curved base and crown mouldings, curved hand and bar rails, tapered treads for spiral staircases, arched door jambs and more.
  • Custom Millwork Services —  High-end Flat Panel wood paneling. Custom shaping and planing. Custom hardwood flooring. We offer a variety of millwork services to help your projects come to life. 

Talk with our knowledgeable staff to discuss the details in creating your own moulding magic.


Moulding or Molding…which is it?

The term ‘moulding’ goes back in history to the early British and their love of crown moulding and other ornate trim. They spelled it this way and still do. Over the years in the United States, the use of the spelling ‘molding’ has become more of the norm, but there are still many of us in the industry who prefer the traditional spelling. We like the historical reference, and that our high quality millwork doesn’t conjure images of blue cheese. 

You should feel free to spell it any way you like.