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Finger-Joint Double-Primed Poplar

August 15, 2017

Sears Trostel Finger-Joint Double-Primed Poplar (FJDPP) makes your job EASIER and helps save TIME and MONEY, too.

FJDPP is a strong, durable hardwood product that helps construction and DIY projects come to life faster with less waste, and is a better alternative to MDF or Primed Pine.

Now FJDPP eased-edge base and case moulding, and S4S boards, are in stock at our Riverside location at a very attractive price point.

Commonly referred to as ‘painters wood', Poplar is a naturally smooth, straight wood that is less affected by humidity and other atmospheric conditions compared to other woods.

Finger-joint Poplar is an even better option than solid Poplar. The best parts of the wood — where knots, wane and other imperfections are cut away — are adhered together to create a bond that has a structural integrity greater than solid Poplar. The jointing process produces a straighter, flatter board and the whole piece is useable. With this in mind, you may choose to purchase less product for a project, and have less waste on the job site.

While single-sanding and single-coating is the industry standard for primed poplars, each board of Sears Trostel’s premium finger-joint Poplar is double-sanded to an exceptionally smooth finish, and two coats of primer are applied to all four sides. This ensures the best surface for painting, requires less paint for good coverage, and can help you complete your project in less time.

Stop by Sears Trostel to pick up Finger-Joint Double-Primed Poplar or call to schedule quick delivery.

Sears Trostel Finger-Jointed Double-Primed Poplar is the preferred and affordable alternative to Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Primed Pine. Why?
  • Poplar is significantly more stable than Pine, experiencing less shrinkage and swelling
  • Poplar is a harder wood and produces straighter boards than Pine
  • Poplar is real wood and adds more value and durability to a project than MDF
  • Poplar is easier to paint and finish than MDF
  • Poplar stands up to moisture, when MDF will begin to break down

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