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Primed Mouldings In Fort Collins and Denver Area - Poplar Finger Joint Primed Benefits

February 14, 2018

Products created from a natural wood source can create a unique aura about them whether it be a simple butcher block atop a counter top or a complete moulding and trim installation. The creativity surrounding the use of a natural product, especially wood, within the home can change the appearance of a room in an absolute instance. Further, depending on the intended product application, wood can be much easier to clean and will withstand even more traffic, stains, or other potential damage over other commonly used materials for interiors.  Over the long haul, a natural wood selection made for potentially any purpose will be the best choice over time.

One of the more commonly used species of lumber is poplar wood. The versatility of this particular wood and its ability to configure together seamlessly, increases its demand in uses in interior construction.  Poplar comes from a relatively fast-growing tree and is often used for not only lumber, but also pulp purposes.

Poplar lumber products include the unique finger joint double primed products available in a range of sizes  for a complete range of applications around your home or commercial project.

Finger Joint Benefit

finger joint is a woodworking mechanism used to interlock similar but separate pieces of wood into a cohesive length that is stronger than the original material. The two or more pieces are cut in opposite fashion so that, like interlocking “fingers”, the joint comes together and then is typically held together with some type of glue or adhesive for a strong and sturdy bond.

Often used in varying box constructions and long length boards, finger joints or comb joints can be used for anything from the construction of a small jewelry box to an entire set of interior mouldings. Also, finger joint allows for elongating pieces of wood for such items as baseboards, mouldings and S4S Lumber.

The finger joint creates an incredibly strong adhesion and thus can push the length of boards extensively without a risk of any structural insecurities. For this reason, finger joint poplar is a good choice for moldings which can come in lengths up to 16 feet long.

Sears Trostel Double Primed Double Sanded Poplar

A beneficial option in poplar lumber, is the Sears Trostel Double Primed and Double Sanded finger joint lumber and mouldings.  These poplar pieces come double-sanded and double-primed and are immediately ready for painting after installation or prior depending on the use and installation process. The double priming allows for a more smooth and clean look on the wood allowing for little to no extended sanding prior to a painting.

The double sanded and double priming can also impact the pocketbook of a homeowner in a positive way following the installation. When considering the different woods and products one should consider the added costs of the full installation, priming, and finishing of the product in their total budget.  The double primed and double sanded poplar products add an advantage to the speedy completion of a project by knowing that only one coat of paint will be necessary to finish the product. Less money being spent for finishing and less time wasted are both benefits of a previously sanded and primed piece of wood. 

Instead of using precious resources having to sand, prime, and then add multiple coats of paint to woods, the double primed option comes ready to absorb all of the color in a single coat of paint. Once applied, the finished product will be seamless with little to no evidence of graining and less manual jointing on long spans.  An absence of knots in these finger jointed mouldings is also one of the main benefits.

Varying Sizes and Application

Another advantage of finger jointed poplar involves the diversity for which there are multiple applications based on available sizes.  The typical long lengths of finger joint poplar allow for less on-site manual transitions and added strength.  Whether you choose to use raw poplar or double primed and double sanded finger joint poplar you will see the benefits of poplar and understand why poplar is one of the most popular options for a variety of different uses.

Eased edge moldings, including base, case, and headers are all available options to consider. These profiles offer a clean look to fit most styles in any room or house. The mouldings can also be installed and then painted quickly and efficiently with the final coat of paint.  

For decades, Sears Trostel has served our community with quality and integrity providing custom wooden countertops, wood floors, cabinets, John Boos Blocks, and other wooden assessments, when and where applicable. We are proud to offer the best value without compromising any of the quality or customer service you would expect from the business with a history of doing things the right way, the first time. Our manufacturing processes allow for unrivaled flexibility in custom profiles, and our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of our customers through Colorado, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us today with your needs or visit our retail sales and showroom located at 1500 Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. For commercial and residential sales please call 970-482-1928 or for wholesale and manufacturing, 970-482-0222 or 800-950-1928 with any other general questions about our products and services. We can also be reached by email at as we look forward to showing you the effects quality beautiful natural woods can have.