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The Benefits of Hardwood from a Denver and Fort Collins Lumber Yard

March 26, 2018

If you are considering the various types of wood that are available on the market today, it is important to consider the long-term benefits of all products. While opting for a less expensive option now may save you money in the short-term, over time you may end up regretting this decision, as it will cost more to fix and replace cheaper choices in the long run. Allow this Fort Collins’ Lumberyard and Showroom to discuss the benefits of choosing a hardwood for your next construction and remodelling project.

Types of Hardwood

Before we being discussing the advantages of opting to use hardwood in your next construction project, let's begin by discussing the various types of hardwood that are available for use.

Temperate hardwoods are those that are located in temperate forests throughout the world. This type of wood comes from trees such as ash, cherry, maple, and oak. Tropical hardwoods are those that come from tropical forests, and tend to be from areas such as west and central Africa, Asia, and South America. These hardwoods are considered ‘angiosperm’, which means that their seeds are encased in fruits of pods.

European hardwoods are a third type of hardwood to consider. These are primarily from oak and beech trees. Oak is valued for its use in furniture, as has been used as a source for this type of construction for many centuries. Beech is typically used for the painted type of furniture.

Ease of Maintenance

Now that we’ve laid out the various types of hardwood that are available for purchase, we will discuss the many advantages that hardwood has over its competitors. First, hardwoods are naturally more durable due to the fact that they are sourced from slower-growing trees. As a result, the timber has a higher density in its fiber than that of softwoods. This means that hardwood will be much more strong and durable than softwood.

Overall, hardwood is generally much easier to maintain and clean. For this reason, hardwood flooring, hardwood wall paneling and hardwood mouldings continues to be an exceptional choice for flooring and interior trim projects. Hardwood floors and hardwood mouldings can be a perfect way to give your home an added sense of class and elegance, and choosing to go for true hardwood will alleviate potential headaches due to its ease of cleaning. It is also easy to fix any potential scratches on the surface of hardwood, as a degree of waxing, sanding, and varnishing will almost certainly restore most damaged surfaces, which eliminates the need to outright replace the flooring material.

Regular light cleaning will ensure that your interior wood remains in pristine condition for many years to come. In addition to the benefits of not having to worry about intensive cleaning, you can also look forward to a more warm and inviting product to stand on. Hardwood is naturally a great insulator, as it contains small air chambers throughout the grain which does an excellent job of holding heat.


The look of hardwood in your home is sure to wow those lucky enough to view it. This is due to the fact that natural patterning that is present within hardwood, meaning no two hardwood boards will look exactly the same. This is sure to give your home an added layer of unique quality to it, as you will be installing a product that is not modular and cannot be easily compared with your neighbor’s wood and trim choices.

Depending on what type of hardwood you decide to go with, your own personalized style will be apparent with any choice. Different wood choices can work better depending on the look and feel of your home, and we are happy to assist you in deciding which wood choice would look and feel the best in your house.


Perhaps one of the most well-known benefits of hardwood is its strength and durability. As stated earlier, this is due to the fact that the trees hardwood is sourced from are more slow-growing varieties, which ensures that its strength and durability will be unmatched in relation to other types of wood.

In construction, Oak is commonly used for joinery and furniture, as it is a strong and long-lasting type of wood. If you are concerned with having your wood last as long as it can without having to engage in extensive repairs or replacement, opting for a hardwood choice can be the best long-term investment you can make, and will save you undue amounts of stress in the future.


Although hardwood can be a bigger initial cost upfront, the investment can truly be worth it in the long term. The aforementioned benefits of reduced maintenance and replacement costs are apparent, but you may not have considered the benefits to the value of your home.

Installing hardwood in your home, specifically as the choice for your flooring and interior trim, can greatly increase the value of your home according to many real estate agents. Whenever you decide to sell your home, you will greatly appreciate your decision to install hardwood flooring and mouldings, as it will make the job of selling your house a much easier task. Hardwood flooring, paneling and trim mouldings gives the impression of class and substance that tile, laminate, and MDF cannot mimic.

Additionally, hardwood can be a sustainable choice to make for your home. Because you will have to replace or repair your hardwood selection much less frequently than softwood and MDF, you will save money as well as precious resources in the process. If you care about doing everything you can to take care of the environment, opting to use hardwood in your home can be a great green choice to make.

If you are interested in having hardwood used in your next construction or remodelling project, contact Sears Trostel Lumber and Millwork today. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the best hardwood option that will work perfectly within your home. Our qualified associates are skilled and adept at helping homeowners find the selection that perfectly matches their style. Sears Trostel are the experts at pairing wood choices within the look and feel of your unique home.