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Benefits of Hardwood Floors from Fort Collins Lumber

March 28, 2018

From political party affiliation to whether or not paper towels and toilet paper should roll from the top or bottom, there are numerous items that split people’s opinions throughout the world and the battle between hardwood flooring and carpet is one of them.

Both have their advantages but ultimately it comes down to few key factors which should give the edge to hardwood fans depending on their current situation. Carpet may be “quieter” or more kid friendly but it can also harbor smells, allergens, and be much more difficult to clean, repair, and replace should it become necessary.

In many circumstances if you’re looking at the purchase of an older home the carpet may have hardwood flooring underneath which can be utilized by removing the top carpet layer. If building a new home or looking at condo or apartment options, typically today’s market features a wide range of options so that you can find something that fits your personal interests. Many of the new construction options, or those created over the past ten years or so, will take advantage of both, using carpet in certain areas of the home (i.e. bedroom) and hardwood flooring for other more formal or entertaining areas such as the living and dining rooms.

If still undecided on which option is best for you consider these highlighted benefits of hardwood flooring from a long list of good things associated with that particular selection. When weighing these with the minimalistic impacts and few, often hard to find, advantages of carpet, the decision should become fairly easy.


An often used expression that, “money doesn’t grow on trees” is one of the most pivotal components when electing to utilize hardwood floors over carpet. While the initial cost of implementing hardwood flooring is often more than when installing carpet, the long-term benefits derived from hardwoods ultimately make the decision more cost effective.

Not only will hardwood floors boost home value but the upkeep and potential replacement cost of carpet versus refinishing make more fiscal sense. Knowing the implementation immediately raises the overall value of a home or apartment, should a resale be considered, the end result will be more money in your pocket.

Also, carpet cleaning can be an expensive process and may be the only option prior to replacement should a spill or pet stain the existing floor covering. With hardwood floors, these spills are easily cleaned and should any water damage occur, only the affected area replaced as opposed to changing the entire room. This too saves money over the long-haul and despite the up front cost difference is worth not having to replace your flooring selection nearly as often since hardwoods can last for literally hundreds of years.


Another aspect of hardwoods which significantly adds to their benefits over carpet is the wear and tear negated by heavy traffic and upkeep responsibilities. High traffic carpeted areas, such as hallways or staircases, will begin to show signs of wear due to the repeated foot traffic and can begin to show signs of discoloration or fiber suppression. Neither will occur on a hardwood flooring surface.

Regular cleaning, even if not completed by a professional, is required for carpeted areas which involve consistent vacuuming to keep allergens, dust, and debris from becoming trapped into the carpet. Once this occurs, only a hired deep cleaning or shampoo can help to alleviate the dirt and debris - which may not even completely rid the home of these factors. With a hardwood floor, simply sweeping and a once in a while mopping will keep your floors looking brand new while creating a sense of cleanliness all throughout the home. These surfaces do not harbor the same type of dirt that will be occupying your home in the carpeted areas, regardless of the cleaning schedule. Even laminate or tile flooring can host dirt and debris that is easily cleaned from hardwood floors due to their grout lines and spacers.


A final highlight to consider is the versatility of hardwood floors. Instead of being forced to potentially replace carpet due to tastes and furniture selection in a particular room, hardwoods compliment every form of style and can fit into any design situation.

These options allow for an owner to change their decor without having to absorb significant costs associated with potentially changing the entire flooring of an area to just change a color or fit a particular pattern.

If you are someone who wishes for a particular color or pattern then hardwoods do offer this capability, so if you’re building from scratch or wanting to replace a carpeted area there should be no fear of not getting exactly the style you are hoping to achieve. The wood patterns and broad range of colors available with hardwood flooring has extended to reach multiple variations which rival even the most diverse carpet colors and styles.

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