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Why Butcher Block Countertops Are an Essential Component of Any Kitchen

Fort Collins & Denver Area

May 16, 2018

When people are considering remodeling their kitchen, they usually look to new cabinets, flooring, and appliances to make a statement. While these are all a big part of any kitchen remodel, an often overlooked component of this project is the inclusion of a butcher block countertop. People value the importance of having a beautiful, solid and dependable cutting board, but often overlook the butcher block as a valuable kitchen countertop or accent countertop option.

The Value of a Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher block countertops are a classic addition to your kitchen that create an accommodating environment for any cook. Having a proper surface to cut on is an essential part of your kitchen, and having butcher block countertops installed ensures you will have no shortage of space from which to work.

Butcher block countertops are made from straight cuts of wood that have been glued together. They differ from standard cutting boards in that they are thicker and tend to have a larger surface on which to cut. As the name suggests, butcher blocks are primarily used for cutting, filleting, deboning, and quartering of meat. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of any butcher block countertop is its sturdiness and dependability, the last thing you want to have happen is to be preparing your meals on a flimsy cutting board that can break in half, dull and damage your knifes, and potentially contaminate your food.   

If you are having a butcher block countertop installed in your home, you will want to consider wood that is unsealed and ready for an oil finished. This is because a sealed countertop will not work as a functional cutting surface. If the wood you select is sealed, it will typically have the surface covered up with a resin or polyurethane, which ultimately will give you a beautiful countertop but you will need to treat it like other traditional countertop surfaces and avoid cutting directly on the surface of a sealed butcher block.  

Choose Sturdy, Long Lasting Material

If you are thinking about purchasing a butcher block countertop for your kitchen, you are going to want to select one that you know will last and can be counted on to make it through any tough job without being damaged. The John Boos butcher block is a terrific option for fulfilling this requirement. They are made with the highest quality end grain and edge grain wood, and are reliable options for your kitchen. 

In deciding between end grain and edge grain butcher block countertops, you will need to consider a few different factors. First, if you are needing the toughest and most scratch resistant type of butcher block, one that is made of end grain will fit the bill nicely. When you are cutting into it using your knife, it will not scratch as easily, and the knife will actually sink into the wood fibers while you are cutting. 

This is because end-grain wood is a much more fibrous surface, and its scratches will not show as a result. End-grain wood butcher blocks are arranged in checkerboard patterns due to the construction of the material, and can be an eye-popping accessory for your kitchen as a result.

If you are not intending on doing intensive cutting, an edge-grain butcher block countertop can be the right option for your home. These are usually not as thick, and can show off the colors and character of walnut, maple, oak or cherry hardwoods on your countertop surface. Strips of wood are arranged side by side and grafted together to give edge-grain butcher blocks its appearance. Regardless of if you decide to go with an edge-grain or end-grain butcher block, you can rest easy in knowing that both options are sanitary and long-lasting if properly maintained.

Why Make the Decision to Choose Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops are a terrific method of adding functionality and class to your kitchen in a way that traditional countertops cannot compete with. This option can be a fantastic way to add a layer of functionality to your kitchen that you never thought possible. 

Traditional kitchen counter tops are often made of material that would be easily damaged by the use of knives on their surface, and are usually not constructed to be used for such activities. Butcher block countertops are meant to be used for such cutting processes, and provide a functional staple for your kitchen.

By having butcher block countertops installed in your home, you will also be saving precious space in your kitchen. With the purchase of countless kitchen accessories, your cabinets can fill up faster than you realize. Installing a butcher block as the countertop itself will ensure that you will have one less accessory to put away and fit into your limited cabinet space.

Beyond the obvious benefits of being able to cutting on your countertop surface, there are additional positive attributes that can make a countertop butcher block the perfect choice for your kitchen. Countertop butcher blocks add a layer of classic appeal that standard countertops cannot rival. For homeowners looking to bring a warmer, more natural appearance to their home, installing a wood countertop can be just what the doctor ordered.

In addition to their functionality as a permanent kitchen accessory, butcher block countertops can be used as an accent island within your kitchen. They can also be utilized as a workspace for studies as well as for workshops. 

Installing a butcher block countertop can also provide a degree of contrast to all of your other kitchen materials. If you kitchen consists primarily of tile, ceramic, and steel or metal appliances, installing wood countertops can provide a proper sense of balance for added visual appeal. Having an overly sterile kitchen can be uninspiring and uninviting, and having wood countertops can be a great way to break up this monotony. 

If you are interested in having John Boos butcher block countertops installed in your home, or have questions about finding the right countertop style for your kitchen, contact Sears Trostel Lumber and Millwork today. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the best countertop and butcher block style for your home.