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Celebrating 20 years with Jon Davis

January 22, 2019

Working twenty years in one place is a feat in today’s business world. Which makes celebrating Jon Davis’s 20 years at Sears Trostel all that more satisfying.

Jon arrived all those years ago at our Airpark Ave. wholesale and manufacturing division, without any experience in the lumber or wood products manufacturing industry, and started out as a Moulder Operator. He ran the machinery that produces the high-quality custom hardwood trim and millwork that Sears Trostel is known for. Jon enjoyed his work as an operator for three years, and even now likes to help our current moulder operators “when they let him.”

“But I was fascinated by the tooling,” says Jon. The specially-made knives that are placed in the moulding equipment to cut wood to precise specifications and shapes. Eventually he found his way to working in the  tooling room where the knives are ground.

“I just love making things with my hands,” Jon says about tooling. “It’s a challenge, it’s very exacting, it’s a wonderful skill…it’s an art really.” He spent 13 years in the tooling room helping to create the 12,000+ sets of the knives that are available to mould our products.

Now Jon spends less time working with his hands on the production floor, and has taken on an important administrative role to ensure manufacturing quality. As the liason between production and sales, he schedules all the work orders, makes sure the correct materials are on hand, and ensures that all the details of a project are complete before it goes to the production floor to be produced.

“It’s always been enjoyable for me,” he says, reflecting on his 20 years of working at Sears Trostel. “I love my job. I love coming to work. I love what we do and who I do it with.”

When discussing his future at Sears Trostel, Jon says with a laugh, “Maybe one day they’ll wheel me out of here at 80 and tell me to go stay home.”

We thank you, Jon, and truly appreciate your good humor, hard work and dedication over the years. We hope you’re here for another 20!