Custom Wood Countertops

Custom Wood Countertops to Fit Any Room or Style

The warmth and beauty of wood countertops has made a comeback. They lend a casual elegance to the kitchen, bathroom or office and compliment any style of decor from traditional to contemporary.

Wood is a long-lasting and durable choice for countertops when properly maintained, and has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Wood countertops provide a working surface that is easier on dishes and glassware than other countertop material options. When used as a cutting surface, wood is more gentle on knives and helps them stay sharp longer.

Whether oil-sealed to use as a functional cutting surface for food, or varnished for a polished look, wood countertops are a beautiful choice. They are easy to clean, and easy to repair, too. Just sand and re-seal.

We work with customers to create wood countertops that fit their space perfectly. Most any variety of wood in our warehouse may be used. Call our Riverside Ave location to discuss the possibilities. Have the dimensions of the desired counter area ready, and any ideas you may have. A good place to find inspiration for your wood countertops is

For quicker installation times and standard-size widths, John Boos & Co. butcher block is a great option. Boos is the most trusted brand for quality butcher block in gourmet and industrial kitchens throughout the world. Come to Sears Trostel for in-stock Boos countertops or special order custom sizes.