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Scientific Name: Pinus ponderosa
Common Name: Ponderosa Pine, Knotty Pine, Blackjack Pine, Western Yellow Pine
Janka Hardness: 460
Tree: 100-160 ft tall, 2-4 ft trunk diameter
Distribution: Throughout western North America
Properties: Ponderosa Pine has a straight, closed grain with a fine texture. Its color varies from yellow-white sapwood with red-brown heartwood. It has often been noted as having a pleasant smell, sometimes described as smelling like vanilla or butterscotch, and is slightly resinous.
Workability: Ponderosa Pine is a softer wood, making it easy to work with both hand and power tools. It glues well and takes stains, paint, and clear coats beautifully, lending it a versatility for many projects. Due to its softness, it is resistant to splitting or splintering on impact but does dent or scuff.
Common Uses: Widely used cabinet making, trim moulding, paneling, carpentry, and construction framing. It can also be used for specialty wood crafting, such as turning or carving.
Availability: Ponderosa Pine is one of the most abundant tree species in the western United States, and thus is readily available and generally inexpensive.
Fun Fact: In Arizona in 1876, a Ponderosa Pine flagpole was created to fly the U.S. flag in celebration of the nation’s centennial, giving the city of Flagstaff its namesake.  

– Often used as a construction lumber, Ponderosa Pine is easy to work with and finishes well, with a straight grain and pale yellow color. Our boards are perfect for cabinetry, trim work, and paneling, and is available either knotty or clear.  

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