Guide Rail FS FS 1900/2-KPReturn to Festool

NEW! Invented and perfected by Festool: The guide rail with adhesive pads. Allows users to make straight and precise cuts when carrying out horizontal work on floors or work surfaces, as well as for applications on walls. Easy to secure on different surfaces using the adhesive pads. It is easy and practical to transport multiple guide rails since they can be inserted on top of the Systainers.
  • Length: 75" (1900 mm)
  • Secure grip: The guide rail with adhesive pads – precise and easier sawing even in difficult positions
  • Practical to transport – the guide rail can be inserted on the Systainer's carrying handle
  • Splinter-free cuts – the splinter guard right at the scribe mark prevents the edges from splintering even with beveled cuts
  • The adhesive cushion strip helps to protect the workpiece surface from being damaged
  • Includes 30 Adhesive Pads
  • Also available in 55" (1400mm)
Price: $265.00
SKU: 577044