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Scientific Name: Quercus rubra
Common Name: Red Oak, American Red Oak, Champion Oak
Janka Hardness: 1220
Tree: 80-150 ft tall, 3-6 ft trunk diameter
Distribution: Central and Eastern North America
Properties: The heartwood is pale reddish brown in color, with a lighter brown sapwood that is not always distinguishable. Red Oak tends to be redder than WhiteOak, but this is not a reliable means of distinguishing them, as the color can still be very light. Prominent rays and a distinctive grain as compared to White Oak due to large open pores, leaving a course, uneven texture. Can stain easily in contact with water or iron, and has a tendency towards high shrinkage. 
Workability: Works well with both hand and power tools, though it can have a dulling effect. Care should be taken when routing because of the course grain, as chipping or tearing out can occur. Glues well and both stains and finishes beautifully.
Common Uses: Red Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods for its versatility, strength, and color. It be found in any number of uses, including cabinetry, paneling, flooring, veneers, furniture, interior trim work, and mantels.
Availability: Red Oak is very common and moderately inexpensive, due to its popularity and proliferation through the industry.
Fun Fact: Red Oak is a deciduous tree, which usually lose their leaves through the fall, remain bare through the winter, and grow new leaves in the spring. Red Oaks are slightly different from many trees, in that it will actually often retain its old leaves through the winter and only fully drop them in the spring when the new buds begin to emerge. This helps reduce the number of tiny wounds to the bark that the old leaves can leave behind, helping the tree reserve its energy through the cold weather.

Red Oak, FAS, S4S (Ready To Use) 

Product Description:
S4S material has been surfaced on four sides and sanded.
Red Oak FAS 1 X 2- Actual Size 3/4" X 1-3/4”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 3- Actual Size 3/4" X 2-3/4”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 4- Actual Size 3/4" X 3-1/2”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 6- Actual Size 3/4" X 5-1/2”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 8- Actual Size 3/4" X 7-1/4”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 10- Actual Size 3/4" X 9-1/4”
Red Oak FAS 1 X 12- Actual Size 3/4" X 11-1/4” 
Red Oak FAS 2 X 2- Actual Size 1-3/4" X 1-3/4”
Red Oak FAS 2 X 4- Actual Size 1-1/2" X 3-1/2”
Red Oak FAS 2 X 6- Actual Size 1-1/2" X 5-1/2”

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