Fence - Snow Fence Return to Reclaimed Lumber

Naturally weathered reclaimed Snow Fence. 

100% natural wood — Ponderosa pine, lodge pole pine, spruce and Douglas fir — with an average age of 7–10 years. The wood is offered in a natural weathered gray state, complete with nail heads. It can be de-nailed and surfaced or can be milled for shiplap, tongue and groove and other applications for additional costs.

Reclaimed wood, such as, Snow Fencing is great for wall or ceiling paneling and comes in 1/4 inch thins for easy installation or in 3/4" X 5-1/2" boards for more strength or more diversity.  Milling reclaimed wood can make installation far easier and more costs effective, our Snow Fence Thins are popular as installation can be performed with any construction adhesive.  We also offer Reclaimed Snow Fence wood in a shiplap pattern so if you are looking for a unique reclaimed look that is easy to install you should choose either our Snow Fence Thins or our Shiplap pattern. 

Products are unfinished for a natural appearance and unlimited mixture of grain patterns. The wood facing has varied degrees of weathered texture. knots, nail holes, open knots and bolt holes may be present

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