Tabor Style Moulding



Custom Order Tabor Base Moulding
11/16" X 7"

Sears Trostel does carry other sizes of Tabor Mouldings in-stock.  To purchase the in-stock mouldings call 1-800-950-1928 or view the in-stock size by clicking BA1009...


In-Stock & Custom Order Tabor Base Moulding
11/16" X 4-3/4"

Stocked in Alder, Poplar, and Red Oak.


In-Stock & Custom Order Tabor Case Moulding
11/16" X 3"

Stocked in Alder, Red Oak, and Poplar.

Tabor Interior Trim Combination BA1009H & CA 1026N

The Tabor interior trim moulding style is one of the most classic moulding trim profiles found in homes across the U.S.  Combining the base moulding BA1009H and case moulding CA1026N from our classic moulding series