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Accent Walls & Wood Paneling Can Easily Change The Look Of Your Entire House

Denver and Fort Collins Area

May 30, 2018

A simple way to change the look of an entire house or even a single room is with the addition or implementation of an accent wall. One wall in a single room can totally change the perception and look of an entire property, while making the switch in multiple other areas of a building can give new dimension to the home or office where the practice is employed. In addition, making a change and adding an accent wall may also potentially add some property value should the real estate be listed on the open market.

Four walls of the same or a similar color pattern can be considered somewhat boring by many occupants or potential buyers. Regardless of the chosen hue, implementing a new accent to one of the walls within a room adds depth and meaning to a particular space. These walls not only become the centralized focal point but also serve to offset the monotony of a one color pattern throughout the entire design process.

Following is a description of an accent wall plus two potential options for changing the look of a room in excess of simply deciding to change the paint color. While this option can be beneficial, taking the accent wall a step further adds even more substance to the desired design, especially when incorporated with a similar theme or pattern utilized elsewhere within the same floor plan of a home or office.

Accent Wall

Even with the recent popular use of open floor plans for most homes, which is utilized readily in today’s construction projects, there remains three to four walls that will encompass any desired space. The accent wall is typically one in which an individual would focus their attention upon entering the room. For example, if a doorway is prevalent, then the wall opposite would be the accent wall, should such a design feature be chosen.

In the more popular and common open concept, the same rule applies although the wall may be much larger in size. Depending on the shape of the room or other walls surrounding a certain area, the accent wall may change but even if not located opposite the entry point, it should draw an occupants eyes toward the highlighted section and be noticed almost immediately upon entry.

A simple change of paint color, such as switching from cream or white to a brighter optional counterpart may be beneficial. The desired results however, are often not tangible - other than when a fireplace or gas log insert is utilized, as both create an immediate sight line for the eyes of those visiting. There are a few options beyond dramatically changing the color that can increase the worth of a particular property.

Wood Paneling

One of the more distinct options for creating an accent wall is through the use of wood paneling such as Shiplap or Tongue and Groove (T&G). Instead of utilizing a different paint color, wood paneling immediately changes both the look and texture of a room with a relatively simple change. This emergence of texture and pattern on a wall, instead of the floor, highlights and draws attention, instantly becoming the focal point within a room.

Shiplap and T&G wood paneling can be implemented either on a horizontal or vertical pattern. In addition, both can be spaced accordingly to create the desired effect from implementing such a look. Instead of having to rely solely on the use of colors, paneling can be installed for the desired effect.

A common practice in many older homes, wood paneling makeovers are making a comeback similar to hardwood floors in the real estate market today. Throughout history, the use of wooden flooring has been commonplace but at some point homeowners elected that carpet was a better surface and many covered their now coveted hardwood floors with a hideous color and consistency of carpet. Now, especially in homes where buyers are hoping to invest for a short period and then resale with the intention of making a profit - all carpet is being torn out and the hardwoods refurbished for new owners.

Reclaimed Wood

Another option for those individuals seeking to make an accent wall “pop” to guests is the use of reclaimed wood. This is all-natural wood that has been restored and reused before being utilized as a wall covering. The reclaimed wood often has a personality of its own and can create the desired personal design results without too much effort.

Reclaimed wood typically comes from old barns, fences, houses, or factories and is readily equipped with a history or desired meaning without requiring too much service. Unlike wood paneling, what to expect from reclaimed wood is a personal touch that can be utilized in almost any given situation.

These areas are vital to any home or office space and use of these options can help to revitalize the specific area within any piece of real estate. Both have their benefits and shortcomings but either is a viable option for revamping a particular space.

Also, if the reclaimed wood is derived from a source with a relation to the new installation, then not only does an accent wall stand-out inside a home but the beauty derived from an added implementation simultaneously creates an eccentric feel with added meaning.

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