Precision Cutting Simplified

Easy setup. Precise and intuitive cutting.

The Shaper Origin + Workstation makes precision cutting more accessible than ever before. Avoid the large footprint and rigidity of traditional CNC machines and invest in the adaptable precision of Shaper's Complete Cutting System.


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Hand-held precision routing. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.



Workholding perfected. Align, clamp and cut with speed and precision.

Learn more about the SHAPER tools and accessories below.
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* Origin


With Origin you can approach your projects with ease.

Intuitive interface
On-tool design
Automatic cut correction
Festool-developed spindle design

Precise Joinery
Origin and Workstation combine to deliv...

* Workstation


Highly Versatile Fixturing
Workstation combines with Origin to create a precision cutting system that makes even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive.

Accurate Mortise & Tenons
The vertical and...

1/4” Up-Spiral Router Bit


This is Origin’s workhorse cutter. Ideal geometry and material for all wood types, from MDF and plywood to all hardwoods. Solid carbide composition keeps your edge sharp even after hours of use, and the two-flute upcut g

1/8” Collet with Nut


The ⅛” collet is a must-have accessory for anyone who is planning to use Origin on fine detail and finish work. This collet gives you access to the huge number of ⅛” shank speciality cutters that are available for intric

1/8” Up-Spiral Router Bit


A perfect complement to the ¼” cutter. Its narrower diameter gives you the freedom to cut finer details, while its solid carbide composition keeps this cutter sharp after hours of use. With its ¼” shank, it also fits in

Engraving Router Bit


The Engraving Router Bit has a 60° cutting angle for shallow v-cuts. It's perfect for engraving a variety of materials including any wood type, plastic, and selected non-ferrous metals. The ¼” shank diameter is compatibl

Shaper SYS 1 - Customizable


This is no ordinary SYS 1 Systainer. It is a Shaper special, with a customizable (cuttable!) solid foam insert to keep all your small tools and accessories at the ready, and a corrugated foam lid to ensure that everythin



Origin uses ShaperTape fiducial markers to digitally augment your Workspace and accurately track position while you are working. ShaperTape’s uniquely encoded patterns are printed using specialized production equipment d