Blue Stain Pine Sale

Save 20% thru March 25, 2023.


Sale on in-stock Blue Stain Pine products only. Discount taken on regular retail prices.

Sears Trostel Hardwood Harvest Sale thru November 28, 2020


Boards:  1x6 S4S (actual size 3/4" x 5-1/2")   SALE $1.68/lf   reg. $2.10/lf

Boards:  1x8 S4S (actual size 3/4" x 7-1/4")   SALE $2.09/lf   reg. $2.61/lf

Paneling:  1x6  WP4  (actual size 11/16" X 5-1/4")   SALE $1.97/lf   reg. $2.46/lf  




Blue Stain Pine (also called Beetle Kill Pine) comes from multiple species of Pine and can also include species of Spruce and Alpine fir. It typically is a light-colored softwood, with nearly-white to pale yellow coloring and distinctive areas of blue-gray color ranging from a light gray to a deep blue-black. It is also known to have areas of brown, red, or purple. The coloring of Blue Stain Pine most commonly occurs from a fungus carried by the Mountain Pine Beetle.

A readily-available supply of Blue Stain Pine makes it an affordable alternative to other types of Pine, Fir or Spruce. It's coloring makes it a unique and beautiful choice for a wide variety of applications like wall and ceiling paneling, flooring, interior trim moulding, cabinetry, mantels, furniture, picture frames and more.


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