Floating Shelves

Custom Floating Shelves are a beautiful option for displaying artwork or creating storage space. 

Installed with no visible brackets, their clean look compliments any room, and they are built to fit your space and style. Choose any wood species in our warehouse and pick from three shelf types:



Box Shelves offer flexibility in length, depth and width, and are more lightweight than solid wood. Handcrafted to your specifications.








S4S Shelves are ideal for tighter spaces or when you want a minimalist look. Shelf lengths range from 24" to 54" with wood thicknesses from 1.5"-1.74". A wide variety of S4S lumber is in stock.







Live-Edge Shelves offer a unique and natural look. We stock a selection of shelf-sized pieces, and smaller live-edge slabs that can be cut to create multiple shelves.




All shelves are unfinished and ready to apply your preferred stain and/or finish. A limited selection of ready-made S4S Shelves are in stock.

Stop by are Riverside location or call 970-482-1928/email sales@sears-trostel.com to discuss the design possibilities.

Are you a DIYer that wants to create your own floating shelves?  Click here for floating shelf brackets.